Zaldain changes prop with shotgun stock

You read that right.

Chris Zaldain's prop threw a blade this morning, which is a very common occurrence if you spend any amount of time in the water. To get the new prop securely attached to the shaft, a block of wood needs to be placed between the cavitation plate and the prop as the prop nut gets cranked down. Zaldain had all the necessary tools to accomplish the task, except for a block of wood.

He looked along the shore, but couldn't find a piece big enough that would provide adequate separation and strength. Then I recalled that my rusty, trusty Remington 870, complete with an old-school wooden stock, was in the rod locker beneath our feet--it is turkey season in Arkansas after all. The stock was the perfect size, and with a laugh Zaldain got his prop put on with a turkey shotgun in his hand, (unloaded of course).

No telling how many dirt naps that old shotgun has delivered, but now it's got scars from another adventure--and one helluva story.

With a repaired prop and following a short run, Zaldain is back in business and looking for an upgrade.