Yund with a quick keeper

The Day 2 leader George Yund started his day in the Chickahominy River off of the James River. He said he's been parked on one main spot for the last two days of competition and that he planned on staying there unless he really couldn't get anything going.

He started this event with a 10-pound limit and then backed it up with 20 pounds even, which is the biggest bag of the tournament so far. Yund, who is a fireman in New York, called in to work and told them he wasn't going to be at the station today. Instead, he is fishing for a shot at the Bassmaster Classic.

He pulled up on his spot to start the morning and was sharing it with another competitor in the Top 12, but after a conversation and a couple minutes of deliberation the opponent left and went to another area.

Yund has one keeper in the boat so far, but it is a lowly 12 1/2 incher that he hopes to cull later in the day.

He was very optimistic coming into today because he knew he would have 45 minutes of extra tide, which could help him out greatly, but with tidal fishing it can be a toss up even for those who know this fishery and the way it works.

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