Your role in Toyota’s All Star Week

There’s been a lot of thought and planning put into Toyota’s All-Star Week, which happens July 23-24 beginning in Wetumpka, Ala., and ends with a bang in Montgomery on the July 29-30.

The thinking has been toward not only having two top Elite Series anglers going head to head on that last day of fishing, but having many events happening all week long leading up to that big final day.

Now I am sure that the whole schedule and format will be laid out for everyone before long. Remember it’s still a couple months away and the Elite Series has two big events left. Two very important events.

Important because final Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year points will have a big role in what the field looks like for Toyota All-Star week.

So, why am I even talking about that week in July? Well, I’m going to tell you, but I want to lead up to it a little better.

Let’s take a look at the last two Elites with the first of those two starting June 9-12.

Wow, that’s on a flooded Arkansas River out of Little Rock and the fishing will really be interesting. 

I say flooded, but if nothing dramatic happens before then, the water color should be very fishable, but it also will be spread out all over Central Arkansas.

So many “angler decisions” to be made during that stretch. To steal a very appropriate phrase, the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year title cannot be won at this event, but it can darn sure be lost. That’s why Little Rock is so important.

The last Elite event comes to you from Lake Wheeler in Decatur, Ala., and here’s hoping the race for that AOY trophy will be as tight as it is now. But it will.

So, at the end of Lake Wheeler there will be 33 days before All-Star Week is on us. But before I tell you why those 33 days are important to you, the reader of this article, and every other bass fisherman out there, let me hit on something else briefly.

I mentioned earlier that we had things planned during Toyota All-Star Week other than the final day shoot-out. We have a Masters event planned. The event will feature the likes of Guido Hibdon, Ken Cook, Tommy Martin and others. I, for one, am looking forward to that.

The “Wounded Warriors” tournament will take place once again.  It was so well received last year, how could we not repeat it?  Barbeque cooking contest at both Wetumpka and Montgomery, along with country music bands in both towns should keep things stirred up.

Let’s not forget that this is about bass fishing though, and numerous Elite pros will be hanging out in sponsor activation areas for the crowds to talk fishing with.

There’s really more on the schedule than I’ve put down here, but I’ve given you the idea that you need to either be there, or at least keep up with all of it.

Now then, the main reason I have taken up both your time and mine today is to tell you why the 33 days in-between the last Elite series event and Toyota All-Star Week will be a lot of fun for everybody.  Angler, fans, members…everyone.

The rules say that 12 anglers will go to the All-Star Week. 

The first eight will be the top eight on the Angler of the Year points list. That’s easy enough.

The last four will be more interesting.

They will be voted in by you and the rest of the bass fishing world. Of course we will give you all the details on how that vote happens, but you need to start watching the Angler of the Year standings and see who is outside the top eight.

Is there someone in 26th place that you think deserves to be among those 12? Does the angler that finished ninth by a close margin still need to make it? Or how about the guy in 74th who by gosh just deserves a break? Those last four anglers in All-Star Week are totally up to you. You make the call. 

Oh and there’s this: Out of those who vote, 12 will be chosen and be virtually paired with an All-Star angler. If he wins, you my friend, will win as well. You’ll have a new boat and motor in your possession.

Toyota All-Star Week is sounding better and better and it’s not too early to start talking about it. I’m going to keep close watch myself and of course get my vote in when the time comes.

This should be fun and on the day after the last day you can vote, I’ll tell you who I voted for and why.  I want some of you to do the same for me.