Young boy, young boy

If you are a frequent viewer of Bassmaster LIVE you can recognize and appreciate the spectacular flow that Seth Feider walks around with daily. Simply put: the man’s mustache and hair are fantastic.

Yesterday, longtime tournament angler Shin Fukae made his Bassmaster LIVE debut. Fukae, Feider, John Crews and Bradley Roy were fishing the same canal in the Neches River — about three boats wide. Fukae, Crews, and Roy had a silent agreement that since the canal was so slim that each would troll past each other, while fishing, instead of running the outboard.

“The Young Boy,” as Shin referred to Feider, while pretending to flip his flow — as Feider often does — didn’t quite get the message. He ran on pad through the skinny bayou backwater past Fukae.

Shin’s comedic impression of Feider, was so entertaining it became the Power-Pole Replay of the Day.

We have since uncovered an exclusive photo of Fukae from the Japan Bass World Series in 2000, evidence that Shin shared similarities with the Feider.

Thank you to Miyu Fukae for pointing out the irony and history of the Fukae flow.

See for yourself: