Wilson Dam

After takeoff I launched my boat and headed towards the Wilson Dam. With recent rains in this region the dam has been pumping water through the Tennessee  River and especially so from Wilson Lake into Pickwick.

One big player when the current is rolling is fishing near the dam. Pickwick is the only lake in play this week so roughly 50 teams or so came from takeoff and made the short drive to the dam.

Big smallmouth gather in this region and that’s what everyone hopes to catch. I’ve talked to a few teams and every single team had just one fish. Now for some that one fish is 4+ pounds. It’s expected that numerous 20-pound bags should be caught in the swift current even with the crowd of boats.

We will see how it goes but I haven’t seen a fish catch in the 30 minutes I’ve been up here. I can count 21 gates open allowing water from Wilson to pump into Pickwick.