Why you can’t spin out at Sabine

Greg Hackney is cool, calm and collected considering that he’s only got two small fish. He started the day with an 8-plus-pound lead, but if you’ve been watching BASSTrakk you’ve seen that lead slowly evaporate.

I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again: This derby is Hackney’s to lose.

Gerald Swindle is having a solid day and could give Hackney a run for his money, especially if G can catch another big one.

Think about this: What if Swindle loses to Hackney by 2 pounds or less? You’ll recall that on Day 1, he had six fish in his livewell costing him a 2-pound penalty.

Pure anguish.

What are the chances that Hackney doesn’t catch three more fish? Very unlikely, but not impossible. The area he’s fishing has been beat to a froth all week, and these fish have seen it all.

But he’s calmly making precise cast after cast. You just can’t spin out on the Sabine River, especially on Championship Sunday.

On a traditionally stingy fishery, you never know when the next big bass will decide to eat, and that means you have to stay 100 percent on your game.

You can’t miss opportunities here and expect to win.

And Hackney is focused and poised. If he catches three more, or one big one, this is mathematically over.

But miracles happen, and if anyone is due a miracle come-from-behind victory, it’s Gerald Swindle.

And you can bet he’s focused and poised right now as well.