Which way the wind blows

As noted by Steve Bowman the wind went from calm to gusty. All week the wind has blown from the north side of the compass. That explains the cooler temperatures. 

Now it's switched to a strong southerly flow with sustained winds at 15 mph with higher gusts. 

That means a couple of things might come into play this afternoon. First, the wind-driven current will stimulate the bass activity as it will with the baitfish. Put those together and the fishing gets better on Ozark impoundments like Table Rock, especially this time of year. 

Next, and depending on where anglers are setting up on spots, it could make the fishing better or tougher for a given angler. 

Finally, the wind and warmer temperatures could spark even more bass activity. 

In summary, the wind could be a bigger outcome by weigh-in time. 

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