Whether the weather will factor

Today seems to be more post-frontal than Day 3 actually was. What I mean by "post-frontal" is that normally the day after a storm system passes through an area the weather will change and normally the way the bass bite will as well.

Yesterday was certainly more overcast like Day 2 was, just minus the rain and lightening. Also, the wind was pretty gusty, but it was coming from the North. Today seems more post-frontal because after the fog was burned off by the sun, it became blue-bird skies. That often times hurts the fishing (there is a scientific answer to why, but I'm not a scientist). 

The wind has also shift and is coming directly from the south. This may or may not hurt Jordan Lee, but based on how the north wind funneled through his area and positioned the fish in the sheltered places it seemed to help. Today the south wind is blowing right into some of these pockets that he is fishing and that may have the fish positioned a tad different, which explains the slow start. 

The quality is still around as he has boated two good fish and had his eyes on others, but right now Lee is poking around and looking for a hidden clue. Wouldn't be surprised if he finds it soon or makes a move based on the conditions.