When the weather shifts

A lot can change when the weather decides to shift around.

We are obviously seeing that this morning. By this time the last three mornings, we’ve seen a flurry of activity with catches and building of weights.

We are almost an hour in and we halfway expected at least one limit by now. That’s judged purely on previous days.

There are far fewer anglers on the water but they are also the ones who have had a particular lock on Champlain.

I write those previous words, thumb-typing on my iPhone knowing full well that as soon as I start typing something like that these guys will start producing some catches.

When I started there wasn’t a full limit between the 10 of them. Now I see that has changed greatly.

Seth Feider leads with three that come in at 11-pounds. More importantly, he has a 4 pound, 8-ounce lunker as an anchor. His smallest is 3-pounds. So he’s building a respectable weight. He will likely still need a bigger bass as an anchor to pull this off. But he’s started his day well in an event where the weather has yet to decide it’s final impact.