Wheeler working by memory now

Jacob Wheeler wanted to make certain he got started on the right foot in his first Elite Series season. He spent a week here in December and another week in January before Cherokee Lake went off limits.

As we close in on the final hours of Day 2, it looks like Wheeler's time was well spent. BASSTrakk shows him in 11th place with 29-3. He was tied for fifth after Day 1.

"I graphed the whole lake," Wheeler said yesterday. "I know every rock, every stump, every brushpile. For me, that's the main thing. If I didn't have those Lowrance electronics, I would not have a bass right now."

Speaking of now, Wheeler is working from memory today. Somehow between yesterday and today he lost all of his waypoints on all four units. 

Wheeler thought he might have discovered some "sneaky spots" that no one else would find, but, "these guys found a lot more of those than I thought they would."

Yesterday he thought he had at least one or two left that nobody else had found, maybe three or four. We'll see how good his memory is. The loss of waypoints didn't seem to upset Wheeler too badly. "Who cares," he said today. "Got to go to work anyway."