What's it going to take?

If you trust BASStrakk, which you shouldn't, it looks as if Takahiro Omori is a sure thing for the win at Lake Martin. But, this ain't over yet. With under 2 hours of fishing remaining, a big fish is not an impossibility, just unlikely.

After spending the last four days in the boat with John Pollard, a local hammer with his own reputation of catching big bass from Lake Martin, I learned that there are plenty of big fish in this lake. "Big" as in fish at and exceeding 10 pounds. They are just few and far between, and hard to catch. Pollard caught one over 10 several years ago, so it can be done.

What's it going to take to climb ahead of Omori? The Top 5 in BASStrakk would need to catch a 7- to 8-pounder--or better--to make a run at it. In a lake dominated by tons of 12-inch spotted bass, a big largemouth is a typically a game-changer in tournaments like this.

At this point, Mark Menendez is fishing the most-likely water for a fish like that. But you can't predict where lightning will strike. Ever.

It's not over yet, and amazing comebacks have been made before.