West Point will be different

Yesterday we finished Day 1 of practice for the West Point Lake Elite tournament. I think overall it’s going to be a tough tournament, but there are some fish to be caught.

It’s funny; I started practice with about 12 or 13 rods on the deck rigged with different things, and by today I hope to have 6 or 7. Then, by the third and final day of practice, hopefully I’ll be down to 4 or 5. That’s what you try and do when practicing — narrow your search down a little bit every single day.

This is our first week in the new motor home, and we’re loving it. But, we’re still trying to get used to where all the buttons are and how everything works. There are always some wrinkles to iron out, but overall it’s fantastic.

I had a great time last week at the Mark’s Outdoors tournament on Lay Lake. I got a chance to visit with a lot of people who were affected by the tornadoes in northern Alabama, and I want to let them know that the Jones family is praying for a speedy healing for the state. We wish the best for all of the families and individuals who are suffering.

Going into this event is interesting. We’re at the midway point of the Elite season, and I’m currently leading the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race. That essentially puts a target on my back. It’s really an honor to be on top. I mean, look at the names down the list; these are the best bass fishermen in the world, and to be leading them is humbling.

Hopefully I can do well enough here to retain my lead, though. West Point will present an entirely different kind of fishing than we’ve had so far. It’s not like you can pull into one pocket and find enough fish to hold you for four days. It’ll be tough, but fun.

I’ll report back early next week.

Stay tuned!

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