Welcome to the jungle

This morning I was reminiscing back to when Greg Hackney made his now famous quote “Godzilla ain’t got nothing on me!”

A line I still believe to be true.

A few of the anglers I talked to this week said the tournament can’t be won on the river, or it’s backwater cuts and canals.

Hackney knows otherwise.

He’s been fishing way back in the thick stuff where the wind barely blows, the water is shallow and murky with ample vegetation and woody structure. Just north of the main boat ramp—barely a 5-minute run.

Today will be no different, but it could be even better than the previous three days.

He told me this morning that the tide has been getting better each day, and with today’s forecasted scattered storms, conditions are lining up to help him clench his fifth Bassmaster title.

As you saw yesterday, things got better as the day went on.

If he catches 5 pounds, this thing will basically become a race for second place. He started Championship Sunday with over 8 pounds on the next competitor—basically an insurmountable lead on this fishery.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself because stranger things have happened; on the Sabine, the Godzilla of bass fishing is in his element.

As the man himself made clear a couple of years ago: Godzilla ought to be intimidated if having to face Hackney on a day like today with such a stronghold on the outcome.

The Sabine River is Hackney’s to lose.