Weather outlook for practice day

Wednesday: Looking at the latest high-resolution forecast models, it looks to be a day that will feature rain at times and cloudy skies when rain is not falling. The good news is that thunder is not expected and any stronger storms will stay well to the south in the southern half of Alabama. Temperatures will start off around 52 degrees at 7:00 am and only rise to around 59 degrees for the daytime high around 3:00 pm. Winds will be light and variable. Rain chances start off around 50% and will increase to 80% by the early afternoon. Dewpoints will hover between 49-51 degrees.

Thursday: Rain will continue to be an issue throughout the morning hours on Thursday, some of which could be heavy at times. Rain should come to an end during the mid to late afternoon hours and skies will start to clear out during the late afternoon through the evening... which is great news for the Bassmaster Classic Kickoff Party. Up on the lake, temperatures will start off around 50 degrees at 7:00 am and looks to top out around 56 degrees by 3:00 pm. Dewpoints will hover around 47 degrees. Winds will be out of the northeast at 2-6 MPH. The chance of rain will start off at 100% but will drop to around 30% by 3:00 pm. For the kickoff party, it will be a dry and cool evening with temperatures around 55 degrees at 5:00 pm and will drop to around 49 degrees by 9:00 pm. Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 MPH to start but will slow to around 2-5 MPH by the end of the evening. Skies will become mostly clear.

A Quick Look At The Classic Forecast

Friday: Plenty of sunshine and dry on Lake Guntersville, but it will be a very cool day with below-normal temperatures for this time of the year. We'll start off in the lower 40s at take-offs and will end up in the mid-50s for the high around 1:00 pm. Winds will be out of the north-northwest at 5-10 MPH.

Saturday: Expect a repeat of sunshine and dry weather, but temperatures will be a little warmer. We'll start off colder in the upper 30s at take-offs, but we'll warm into the lower 60s by 2:00 pm. Winds will be light out of the north-northeast at 1-5 MPH.

Sunday: While a few clouds will move across the skies throughout the day on Sunday, the sun will win out as we'll be mostly sunny. The warming trend will continue as we'll start off in the mid-40s at take-off and climb into the mid-60s by 1:00 pm. Winds will be out of the south-southeast to the south at 2-6 MPH.

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