Weather or not

Previously I blogged about the effects of the wind and current coming in opposite directions. The opposing forces of nature make it challenging to keep lures moving at the same pace as the live bait. Today’s forecast calls for a northeast wind at 5 mph. Tomorrow it will switch to the south. When that happens the wind and current will be closer to running in the same direction.

While that might seem a good thing—fake lures will look more natural as the boats drift across the strike zone—it poses a challenge for boat control.

Call it too much of a good thing.

“It can make the drift too fast and the lure actually spends less time in the strike zone,” said Jason Williamson.

Brian Snowden added, “you want your line to run straight down, and it can be challenging to do that when the current and wind are moving so quickly.”

Of course, the pros will compensate for the changes and we’ll all benefit with the knowledge they share when it pans out.