VanDams climbing on BASSTrakk

One scary sight can be the VanDams behind you on the leaderboard. Now, the duo is climbing on BASSTrakk. KVD sits unofficially in first place, jumping rookie Dustin Connell. Hide the rookies and your nephews, KVD has no mercy on his prey. The last time VanDam jumped from third to a victory was last season on Cayuga after, now Classic champion, Jordan Lee led going into the final day.

VanDam has four fish for about 7 pounds. Our on-the-water director Steve Bowman said, “He’s on fire, catching them nearly every cast.”

BASSTrakk now has him at 10-0, that is if Eric Kaffka, longtime cameraman is keeping up with the pace while capturing this flurry.

The VanDams and Connell are in the same general vicinity today around the mouth of the Pearl River.

It looks to be that Ish Monroe is the only angler that ran as far north as Connell had been going in the previous three days of competition.

A day off and weather changes could have affected the water quality in Connell’s primary area.

As I was turning this in Connell caught his first a 2-7. Connell is flipping a jig in heavy cover and has been catching quality and not much quantity. A native of the Alabama River, it would not surprise me to see the rookie adapt to the water in front of him. With one fish that only puts him 2-1 behind KVD.