Under the Golden Arches

Gerald Swindle has picked a not-so-picturesque spot to solidify his lead in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race. The mist lifts above where he's fishing and I see that the yellow glow on the horizon is a nearby McDonald's restaurant. His was the first boat out this morning by virtue of his AOY rank, and he was fishing within five minutes of takeoff.

Unless he caught one right off the bat, the small keeper Swindle boated just now off a weedline is his first. His orange hat turned backward and his game face on, Swindle is trying to put together a good, quick limit that will make it even harder for Keith Combs, Randall Tharp or Greg Hackney to catch him in this, the final Elite event of the regular season.

Steve Bowman and I will stay with him this morning to report on how he fares.