Tying a Double Uni knot

Last week I showed how to tie a Uni slip knot. The question I get asked most about knots is, "What knot do you use for drop shotting?" The answer is, I use the Double Uni slip knot almost 100% of the time while drop shotting.

Be sure to practice this knot in the comfort of your home. Another trick is to take two metal rings and tie each one on the end of a single piece of line. Tie one with the knot you have the most confidence in and the other one with a Double Uni knot. Pull the rings and see which knot breaks first. I recommend doing this with all your knots. This will not only help you tie better knots but it will help you gain confidence in new knots. It's also fun to have contests with your fishing buddies. You tie on one end and let your buddy tie the other end, see who's knot is stronger.

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