Two Top 12s for Kenney?

JT Kenney is known for his fishing prowess when it comes to picking bass out of vegetation, but the 2017 Northern Opens will push Kenney's full gamut of tricks. He's already notched a Top 12 at Oneida Lake to start the three-tournament season. That was basically a smallmouth event even though it was won with largemouth. It seemed that at least 90 percent of the Top 12 were focused on the brown fish.

This week, Kenney is feeling at home on the James River. He grew up down the road from here and may just fish three days on this fishery. He's got a decent bag with at least one squeaker that he needs to get rid of, otherwise the day has gone as he planned.

If he makes the final day cut that will be 2-for-2 on the Northern schedule so far. His last test would be at Douglas Lake this fall.

Three diverse fisheries like Oneida, James and Douglas should push the best overall anglers to the top since each event will have its own twist and are regionally different from each other. 

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