Two rookies, same bait

Elite Series Rookie Jamie Hartman began the day only 13 ounces from fellow newcomer Jesse Wiggins. Hartman, a smallmouth specialist from New York, has boated two brownfish this morning.

As noted in Craig Lamb's earlier blog, nearly all of the names atop the leaderboard are throwing the "Damiki Rig." The fluke-like straight tailed plastic on a "Lake Erie-style (jig) head," has been unsurpassed this week.

Hartman, with eyes fixed to his electronics, has been one of the only anglers that has mentioned changing colors throughout the week based off the reaction of the smallmouth on his screen or the way the fish has eaten his bait. 

Hartman noted on his first day he caught nearly 17 pounds off of his first spot first thing, and left the fish alone. Each day the timing has been quite different for Hartman, yesterday the afternoon bite was important, the day before the catches were more sporadic, and today, the bite seems to be resembling the first day's pattern. But Wiggins is steady on the throttle, landing a 4-pounder just minutes ago.