Two down...

The dictionary defines humility as " a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness".  I currently define it as an 88th and 103rd finishes in my first two Elite events.  I could make all the typical excuses of having never been there before, I had no local information, and the list goes on.  I don't believe in excuses. I simply just didn't get the job done. I knew coming into this the odds were not in my favor.  

The biggest thing I learned in Florida is you have to be slow and methodical. If I made a pass down a stretch and didn't get a bite, I would move on when I should of turned around and fished it again. I saw a few guys that fished the final day in areas that I fished through too quickly. Lesson learned. I know I will do better there next time.

Despite having such a disappointing start, there is a positive side.  The pressure is off.  I have a lot more room to move up than move down.  I just need to get some momentum. That's such an important thing in fishing.   We see it all the time where guys do really well in one event and just ride that wave for a few tournaments. The neat thing about that is this will all change on one fish.  That one fish is out there somewhere and I need to find her. That one fish will trigger the next and the one after that. Before you know it, I'm back on track and things are going well.  Unfortunately, that's easier written than done, but I will keep working as hard as I can. I've been through these type things before and all you can do is keep working hard and keep believing.  Sooner or later, you'll turn the corner.

 The next event will be a lot different than the first two. With our exceptionally cold winter, the Table Rock event should have the fish in a prespawn mode. Current lake reports have the current water temps still in the mid 40s.  I'm looking forward to the change. I will be looking around all corners for that one fish. Dream it.  Believe it. Live it.

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