5th place moving up

The 5th place team of Gracie Herbold and Aaron Cherry have four fish so far for around 12 pounds at the moment. Another good one to fill their limit and they can contend for the title. Pictured was keeper number three and their biggest.

Unofficial leaders?

The 3rd place team of Grayson Morris and Tucker Smith of Briarwood Christian in Alabama has the best bag of teams I’ve talked to. They went through a flurry and have a limit for 13 to 14 pounds. They only trailed by 3-5 coming into the day, but with the struggles of the field they are in the top spot unofficially.

They are fishing dirt shallow with the normal flipping approach, but they’ve also coated keepers on a chatterbait. Their biggest of the day came shallow on a big worm while the rest have been standard creature baits.

With 13-14 pounds they are doing just fine, just need a few culls. Their biggest is a 4 1/2-pounder.

Fourth still hopeful

The 4th place team of Josh Lee and Mason Cizek haven’t landed a keeper yet, but they know it can happen any moment. They are fishing offshore bars. Classified as bars on the Tennessee River, they are underwater shoals, flats and such.

It happened quick for the duo on Day 2. From zero fish at noon to having their entire bag by 2:30. It can happen that fast, so they aren’t giving up hope.

Leaders headed south

Spencer Childers and Owen Moss haven’t had the best morning bite this week, but they normally have a fish or two before 9 a.m. and then they add a third before the halftime break at 9:45. Today is different though as they have 0 fish. They weren’t as patient today as they left their primary offshore spot numerous times to try and catch a shallow fish or two in the vicinity. Then they pulled the trolling motor up, strapped down their rods and headed south.

I’m expecting that they are headed to a creek to get into a tough area where they found some fish in the back of a creek. Halftime hasn’t hit yet and won for another 45 minutes, but you can see and feel the tension in the area. The first fish is always the hardest to catch and break the ice. 

Louisiana with two

The Louisiana team of Wes Rollo and Hunter Owens took the Day 1 lead with 19-11. They fell back to 2nd after catching 13-2. They trailed the leaders by 2-1 to start the day, but I opted to start with them because of an early shad-spawn type bite. Their first spot of the day is loaded with bait and they jump, bust and flicker for the first couple hours of the day.

They were hoping with 45 more minutes of fishing, due to the early boat number, would result in quick action, but that wasn’t the case. Bass blew up on their topwater numerous times this morning, but never fully committed. It was frustrating times, but they kept adjusting. Boat Captiain and two-time College Bass regional champion Johnny Ledet called a few timeouts to brainstorm what they could try.

They eventually rotated through baits to a chatterbait and it yielded two bites in four minutes. Keepers 1 & 2 were both two pounds and change, but it’s a start. Seems that the window of biting starts at 7 no matter what time they get here. Too much bait can make it hard for bass to pick out their lures.

Two in the boat so far and they are hoping for a third straight day with a limit, which has been a hard feat this week.

Top 12 movers and shakers

With a 337-boat field this week there was certainly expectations for a flip-flop of the standings at the Mossy Oak Fishing Bassmaster High School National Championship presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods at Kentucky Lake.

Here is how they moved from Day 1 on the leaderboard to Day 2.

Day 1Day 2
Spencer Childers and Owen Moss3rd 1st
Wes Rollo and Hunter Owens1st2nd
Grayson Morris and Tucker Smith5th3rd
Josh Lee and Mason Cizek41st 4th
Gracie Herbold and Aaron Cherry7th 5th
Brian Linder and Nathan Thompson 29th 6th
Kyle Simmons and Brett Halstead4th7th
Michael Bonadona and Greg Diamond8th8th
Grant Dees and Ben Freeman28th 9th
Maddux Walters and Ryan Jackson6th10th
Gaige Blanton and Riley Merrow 110th11th
Daelyn Whaley and Molly Beauford47th12th

A couple substantial movers to make it to Championship Saturday. Two teams jumped from the 20’s, two from the 40’s and one team all the way from 110th place. Kentucky Lake is liable to give up a big bag to any of these teams today. We have yet to see a 20-pound bag this week, but one today could make it interesting.

Final day underway

Final day is underway at the Bassmaster High School National Championship. 

Assumption High on Day 2

Zach Naquin and Jonathan Burns gettin' it done on Day 2  of the Mossy Oak Fishing Bassmaster High School Series National Championship presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods 

Fishing for 12th

The team of Gaige Blanton and Riley Merrow of St. Joes High School only had one bass on Day 1 but it was the right kind; a 5-9 fish. It had them in 110th overall. Today they stayed on that spot and have 18-19 pounds it seems. They caught a 7-8 pounder and have one small keeper to cull. This team is fishing for the Top 12 after starting the day well in the 100’s. An impressive feat.