Troyer and May fill their limit at 12:52

After giving the area a rest, Troyer’s first cast at the bridge with a tube produces their fifth keeper of the day.

Shortly after, May hooked into two short fish (pictured).

May said he is relieved they have five fish now and can focus on upgrading their bag with two hours remaining.

The fish they have caught on the bridge are sitting in around two feet of water and located around fallen cement, rock and other debris.

Bird have been flying around the balls of bait that surround the area, diving down to catch some lunch from time to time.

Throughout the week Troyer and May have used a green pumpkin tube with purple fleck but have switched to green pumpkin without the flecks. They have also dyed the tails of the tube chartreuse.

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Making a move

With three hours remaining, May and Troyer have idled to a point they have fished in practice looking for their fifth keeper. 

The point has a shell bed and they caught a smaller bass and a drum on it in practice. The wind has continued to push back into Eagle Creek, making it a high percentage area they hope. 

May has switched from a tube and has tried some moving baits like a squarebill and a lipless crankbait as well as a walking top water bait.

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May and Toyer need a limit

The mandatory lunch break has started and May and Troyer are sitting with four fish in their livewell.

Before they started retying and preparing for the final half of the day, they did a quick interview for ESPNU coverage. 

After their early morning flurry, the duo has caught three short fish with a mix of tubes and a wacky rig.

They estimate that they have a little over 7 pounds of fish so far, but know they need a limit to have a shot at the win.

Action will resume at 11:15 a.m. and weigh-in will begin at 3 p.m.

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May and Troyer focus on bridges

May and Troyer landed their fourth keeper not too long ago as well as two short fish.

Throughout the week, May said he and Troyer have caught around 10 or 12 keepers off this bridge and will likely spend most of their day around it. 

The duo has shifted their focus away from the standing bridge and along the fallen pieces of chunk rock from the roadway. 

While the tube has still been their bait of choice, Troyer also tried a top water bait, but didn’t get a bite.

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May and Troyer not wasting time


Teams have just taken off and Adam Troyer and Dylan May from Brownsburg High School, the third place team entering the day, have wasted no time landing their first three keepers of the day. 

The team is fishing an old bridge in Eagle Creek just south of takeoff in the Big Sandy River.

They have caught all three of their fish so far on a tube in shallow water. 

There are cloudy and misty conditions conditions on Kentucky Lake right now and the main lake has a good chop and the wind is blowing into Eagle Creek. 

May and Troyer have started each day of the tournament in this bridge and have come in with north of 12 pounds each day, one of the most consistent teams in the tournament.

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Championship Saturday

Good morning from Kentucky Lake. The leaders Tucker Smith and Hayden Marbut are getting mic’d up for ESPNU television coverage right before takeoff. 

Smith and Marbut hold a nearly 10-pound lead over second place Flint Davis and James Henemyre. 

The Top 12 will have to wait a little longer to take the water on Championship Saturday though, as tournament directors have delayed takeoff to evaluate the waves on Kentucky Lake. 

A cold front moved through late yesterday afternoon and early evening, bringing breezy north winds with it. 

We will keep you updated on the progress of takeoff. 

After a discussion with the National Weather Service, tournament director Hank Weldon announced teams will takeoff at 7:45 a.m. CT. 

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On the board

Brayden Ruckman and Nate Helmreich of Freeland High School in Michigan with their first keeper on Day 2. 


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A line of showers

Sunny skies are no more at Paris Landing as a line of showers is about to move through the area, with several lines of rain and potential thunderstorms behind it.

We left the Day 1 leaders Tucker Smith and Hayden Marbut with three fish still in their livewell. They made a run south of the bridge in search of their fourth keeper.

Anglers the rest of the day, especially those in later flights, will have to adjust to the changing conditions. Forecasted highs for Championship Saturday are around the mid to high 50s, adding yet another wrinkle to a tough bite.

The first flight of anglers is due in at 3 p.m. CT, and the last flight is due in around 5:15 p.m.