Still on em

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal

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Martin with an upgrade

Hunter Martin with Lutcher High with a nice upgrade.

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Baggin' and taggin'

The 2nd place team of Gordon and Burkhart just took a moment to weigh each of their fish and evaluate their options of running far north and risking time or just bouncing around their offshore spots that may be more crowded. Decisions, decisions, but at least their smallest fish is 3 pounds.

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Searching for bigger fish

Hunter Conatser and Luke Patton of York high school have a limit but need some bigger fish.

Browning and Vereen with 5

Beau Browning, son of Elite Series angler Stephen Browning, and his partner McCoy Vereen of Arkansas started the day in 8th place with 21-11. They were only 6 ounces from the Top 4 after Day 1 and with a good 5-fish limit they are sitting in good position.

They, too, are fishing shallow in the same area the Day 1 leaders and put 4 quick keepers in the boat as soon as I arrived. They have right at 15 pounds or so with two of those being 4 pounders. They've got two they want to get rid of at minimum if they want to get up to their Thursday weight of 21-11, but they are on their way.

This duo took the Junior National Championship title in 2016 and are in contention for the High School title this year.

Florida with keeper no. 3

Florida Team, Zach Temperly and Ashton Schmitt, have their 3rd fish in the boat and all of them look nice. They are doing much better today landing their bites than day 1. 


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Florida team starts final day

Florida Team, Joey Bloom and Colin Blanton, have a last flight weigh in on the final day of this 2 day event. Plenty of time to figure it out and much better conditions. Here's a morning shot of the team from their Captain. 

Leaders looking for the right one

The Day 1 leaders Logan Henderson and Steven Swann of Springville, Ala. have two fish in the box. Both fish are on the smaller side, but it's a start for them. While 2nd place is fishing primarily offshore, this duo is concentrating shallow.

I found them in a familiar area where the 2015 National Championship was won although they weren't fishing the same cover that was productive back then.

When I talked to them Thursday after weigh-in they classified themselves as big-line, big-rod and shallow water anglers. That's their style and it helped lead them to a High School Open win this year on Lake Chickamauga and it has them on top going into the final day.

It will be interesting to see if the shallow game can stack up with the offshore fish that seem to be moving deep everyday.

Different type of weather today

With the storms resulting from Tropical Storm Cindy rolling through Thursday and Friday teams dealt with cloudy, rainy and windy conditions pushing from the south. Today has been totally different as today is mostly bluebird skies with some occasional wispy clouds. The wind is also coming from the north, which is opposite from the previous two days. It could change the positioning of the fish. With how good this fishing was on Thursday, I'd imagine plenty of teams will catch them so anglers better bring their A game.