Alabama has a good one

Anderson Aldag and Lee Mattox with the University of Alabama have boated two keepers, and one is a good one.

Bethel with another limit

Day 1 leaders Cody Huff and Garrett Enders of Bethel University have another limit this morning. They’ve already attempted to cull twice this morning and have roughly 13 to 14 pounds according to Huff. Early predictions this week was that 11 to 12 pounds per day (33-36) for the week would have teams safely in the Top 4 for the College Classic Bracket.

They may end up being true, but as of 7:45 a.m. on Day 2 of the event the leaders have unofficially 30 pounds already for two days. If they hold steady or cull up some the rest of the day they could have a great shot to take a big lead into the final day.

Unofficially, second place Dillon Harrell and Colby Bryant of Sam Houston State have zero after two hours of competition today.

Murray State with a limit

The Murray State team of Jordan Hartman and Hunter McKinley have a limit in the box Worth 11 to 12 pounds they think so far. That is almost what a minimum bag of 16 inchers can weigh this week so they may have slightly more than that. They stopped fishing their area at 10 a.m.and have been practicing and looking for more areas with fish. Consistency will be key. On Day 1, 12 pounds doesn’t seem flashy, but an average of 12 a day could net a team a National Championship. 

Day 1 update

Austin Moore with Campbellsville University has a keeper.

Closing in on a limit

Lucas Murphy and Nolan Hitt of Grand Valley State University closing in on a limit.


Toledo winners with two

Hunter DeSplinter and Connor Choate of Wisconsin-Plateville have two fish in the livewell at 11:30. The duo qualified by winning the Central Tour event on Toledo Bend way back in January. Currently they have two keepers in the box and are fishing a little different than most of the anglers I’ve seen today. They said they lost two fish that may have kept for them. While I was spectating they caught a long and skinny largemouth that they put on the ruler. After 30 seconds of eyeing the bass they threw it back. 

“15 and 7/8 inches,” DeSplinter said. “I should’ve figured that would happen.”

The difference in winning/contending and being middle of the pack will come down to a few incremental inches. 

Too cool

I don't even mind sharing what bait I caught it on this was too cool not to send in!

Update by Nolan Minor and Casey Lanier, West Virginia University

Solid Day 1 for some

I mentioned the tough fishing and how some teams were struggling to find 16-inch keeper bass, but on the flip side there are obviously teams that will catch good bags this week. Having three fish by 8:30 is a great morning for these teams and two schools are in that company that I’ve seen. 

Bethel’s Cully Scroggins and Nathon Portch have three keepers with one being a smallmouth. 

Gavin Lagos and Atom Ward of Indiana Southeast also have three and all are real solid largemouth. 

Getting a limit will be very key, but even Elite Series Pro Jason Christie believes the winning team this week won’t weigh 15 bass this week. He expects the eventual winners to at least have one slow day where a limit is a tough feat. We will see.