Last cast for Crochet

And with this cast, Cliff puts an end to his competition on Lake Wheeler.  He has worked quite diligently throughout the day and had some success.   The shallow water frog bite  proved to be his mainstay for today.  Cliff is a hard working and dedicated Elite Pro.  I have truly enjoyed my time with him.  Thank you BASS for allowing me to be a Marshal on Wheeler.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Joe McElroy

Klein not giving up

Gary Klein still trying to add to the pot.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Doug Castro

Can he get it done?

After recently losing a 4-pounder that straightened his hook out, Lefebre just made another slight upgrade. With thirty minutes until check-in, he needs some last minute heroics. 

The last fish he boated was around 2 3/4-pounds. 
As my tournament coverage partner Ronnie Moore reminded me, Randall Tharp boated his winning fish on his last cast on Norfork Lake last week. 
It can happen.

13 anglers fishing on Sunday

On Saturday, Luke Clausen of Otis Orchards, Wash., was disqualified from the Wheeler Lake event for violation of Bassmaster Elite Series Rule C3. Clausen appealed the decision and, under Rule C23, is allowed to compete on Sunday. In addition, Rule C23 provides that the “next angler below the cut will be invited to compete on the cut day with the clear understanding that any prize money and points he might earn will be contingent upon the outcome of the appeal.” The 13th-place angler, Cliff Crochet of Pierre Part, La., will compete on Sunday. The appeal hearing will be held soon after the conclusion of the event Sunday.

Crochet looking to upgrade

Fishing is a grind and you have to stay focused with each cast.  Picking apart the tiny nooks and crannies of along the shoreline is necessary.  Cast after cast, hundreds if not thousands of casts are required each day on the water.  Cliff is a machine and never stops, never.
With an hour to go, he needs "one more good bite"....
Will he get it???

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Joe McElroy

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Short strikes

Bites have not necessarily been the issue today on the water with Lefebre. We have seen numerous short strikes and a few short fish. This could be attributed to the weather system moving into Northern Alabama. Even though we have seen no precipitation, the shallow-water fish are acting very finicky. 

Good cull for Niggemeyer

James making an afternoon cull.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshall Rodney Gray 

Another keeper for Klein

Gary Klein putting another keeper in the boat, but will it help?

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Doug Castro

Staying positive

Always positive, there is no quit in Gary Klein.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Doug Castro

Slight upgrade for Lefebre

Lefebre just upgraded to right over 15-pounds. 

After covering the pad fields for a brief amount of time, he reverted back to his bread and butter, flipping cover in the same pockets that have produced well for him this week. 

The day is far from over for Lefebre, who came into today with a 4-6 cushion over the unofficial leader Takahiro Omori. Lefebre was off to a slow start this morning but filled his limit within a 45 minute time frame. He still has room in the box for a couple of upgrades and another flurry could catapult him back to the top. 

To the casual observer the last upgrade looked to be a good fish on the hookset and the fight, but unfortunately the fish was wrapped up in dense cover and not much bigger than the smallest in the livewell.