Sometimes it pays to roll out of bed

Today was one of those days. I had marshaled the last three days, and was tickled PINK that my hubby was going out to marshal on Championship Sunday. Donning my favorite pink flipflops, pink t-shirt and my 2015 Bassmaster Marshal cap from The Sabine River tournament, I grabbed a big cup of coffee and drove him over to find out what pro he was paired with and to see him off.  BIG cup of coffee....something I wouldn't do if I knew I was going out all day.  
To make a long story short, Tommy Biffle's marshal was busy with a stomach problem, and I jumped on the chance to go out again.  
Now, I know what you're thinking. I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked, "what do you do if you have to go the the bathroom while you're out there?"  The truth is, I don't ever have to, because I prepare starting the day before. I hydrate really well and quit drinking at 6:30 pm. Then on tournament day I sip on a smart water. "  But, my reply is usually, "The same way I go when I'm out in my boat."   But seriously, I keep a 1 pound Foldiers coffee can in my go bag just in case. 
Oh, about that BIG cup of coffee.... it's 2:38 and I haven't had to "go there!"
In the meantime, I've learned a lot, per usual, and I learned this about Mr. Biffle; he's the kind of guy that will give you half his sandwich, and talk about fishing strategy, and loan you sunscreen.... at the very least if you're wearing pink flip flops and know a lot about Lake Conroe.
Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Gwen Reed

Stick a fork in it?

Kevin VanDam may have just slammed the door on Toledo Bend. He has been casting and casting and casting that 10XD and finally put a solid 6-plus-pounder in the boat pushing his lead to over 8 pounds. While its unofficial until the fish hit the scales, but this baby may just be over.

VanDam's last win was at the Louisiana Delta during the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, and his most recent Top-12 finishes were both second places during the 2014 and 2015 BASSFest events. People have been wondering if the four-time Bassmaster Classic champion has lost his edge, but that myth just got debunked.

We'll wait for the official word before the celebration begins, but fire up the grill anyway — we're about to witness history with major victory No. 21.

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Morizo lands a limit

Morizo Shimizu finally has a limit, and now its time for BIG MAMA!

Update by Bassmaster Marshal Jason Whatley

KVD culling up again

It wasn't by much, but VanDam just made a slight upgrade to put him within ten pounds of breaking the century mark, which would be a first for the Michigan native. There's still plenty of time for him to put a big fish in the boat, and ten pounds could happen with two of the right bass.

He's not slammed the door just yet, but that single bite could still happen at any moment.

He currently has an estimated near 6-pound lead--if you dare to trust BASSTrakk--but a 5-pounder would be the final nail at Toledo Bend.

Biffle upgrades

This 5-pounder will help the cause for Biffle. He still has two on the little side.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Gwen Reed

Lane fishing confident water

Video update on Chris Lane.

Lane culls

Chris Lane just boated a 3-pounder and made his second cull of the day. The 3-pounder came through a field of hay grass to smash his Whopper Plopper. The explosion was vicious and Lane leaned back and hooked the fish.

He fought it over the grass and eventually swung the chunky 3-pounder in the boat. Lane culled a bass that was roughly two pounds and change. It probably gave him three-quarters of a pound upgrade — maybe just half a pound conservatively.

"It's not a 7-pounder, but it'll help," Lane said.

He is big fish hunting at the moment and it seems it's a one-bait show for the duration.