Klein, Grigsby back in town

If you haven't picked up on it already, this will give you another idea of the history that could be made today if Rick Clunn closes the deal and wins this tournament. While walking around the weigh-in site just now, I saw Gary Klein. He and Shaw Grigsby drove to Shaw's home in Gainesville yesterday, and weren't planning to come back. But the possibilities involving Clunn this afternoon were too intriguing to pass up.

"Shaw (Grigsby) and I drove back from Gainesville (Fla.) this afternoon," Klein said. "It's Rick Clunn, and it's history. That's why we're here."

No dice for Clunn

The wind didn't do the trick for Clunn. He's packed up and headed to Palatka.

That's not a bad thing. He's leaving himself some time to fish around there. Maybe by the time he gets there the wind will have had a good impact.

And that was where he caught his biggest fish yesterday in the waning hours of Day 3.

He's planning on doing that again. Thomas Allen is waiting for him. Look for his updates soon.

Hite culls

With this one, Hite is able to cull a smaller one from this morning.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal David Smalls

Elusive wind shows up

Rick Clunn said all along that he needed the wind to blow if he was going to catch them.

That was only partly right. It's not hardly blown a luck today. But a few clouds here and there have saved his bacon.

Now all of the sudden the wind is blowing. Like turning on a switch, it went from slick calm to blowing nicely. For the first time all day, Clunn can poke around these shallow grass beds with a ripple on the water.

Meanwhile the shiner fishermen have moved off the grass bed he was throwing around the edges of and he has the whole area to himself.

Gone baby

We've been sticking on Lucas like glue today. Even after a slight delay due to battery issues, we still managed to find him. Each time he has pulled up and stowed his trolling motor I've asked "where to next?" Each time he says "I'll know when I get there..."

Our boat is a little bit slower than his, so it's easy for him to put water between us quickly. This time we ended up back at the launch site with no sighting of Lucas. We've double checked BASSTrakk and it hasn't updated his position yet...

I've lost him.

He has struggled today, and his pattern basically disintegrated so he's been junk fishing. That means he drives along and stops to fish when something looks good... With a slower boat, that makes it hard to keep tabs on a guy.

Yesterday he's caught a good fish around the bridge by the main dock, so I'd bet he'll be here before too long. We're going to wait on him...

Found Lucas

As suspected, he showed back up near the main launch in Palatka. He tuned into a canal system looking for any bass to add to his livewell. It's getting to be desperation time, but Justin Lucas is calm and doing his best with what he's got.

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Hackney finally makes a move

After about seven hours in the same canal, Greg Hackney finally cried "Uncle."

He's left his collection of bedding fish and relocated to the main body of a large creek to finish out the day.

At this point, he may need two big bites late to have a good shot.

Clunn update

Clunn moved back to his original spot. And just as he was getting on the front deck, he got to witness a girl in a flats boat catch a fish in the 8- to 10-pound range.

He can look at that in a positive way or a negative way. Either way, he's sharing his area with two guide skiffs full of clients.

Chapman doing well

Brent Chapman's Marshal said, "You know they are biting well for Brent when you see these UV Whisker Beavers in the bottom of the boat."

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Carson Orellana

Things are picking up

The good breeze has turned into a sure-enough wind.

As anglers might say to themselves, "things are getting right."

Now it's just a matter of time, which means does Clunn have enough time before he needs to leave in the next 20 or 30 minutes?

The wind is rolling over the grass now and it looks like it's perfect. But only the fish can decide how perfect.

One big fish, 5 or better could seal this deal real quick. If not it could be a nail biter of a weigh in.