Load of bass going home

The hot weather presented a fish care challenge, but thanks to the Shimano Live Release Boat and our own Conservation Director Gene Gilliland, the bass brought to the scales on Championship Sunday are going back to the Potomac River. 

Get out there and catch 'em!

Nice cull for Hite

As the day winds to an end, Hite has found another big cull.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Tyler Powell

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Time slipping away

With time slipping away Angler Jordan Lee has resorted to talking to the fish, "come on fish, just give me one more bite" said Lee. Jordan currently has about 11 1/2 pounds and is looking for that elusive kicker to help increase his bag.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Brandon Humbertson 

Hite making a splash

Hite is making quite a splash in about a 25yd stretch of bank today. All of his fish have come from this area, mostly concentrated on a single lay down.   

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Tyler Powell


Number 4... Swindle now looking for number 5.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Dave Zimmerman

Finally a limit

Fred Roumbanis is relieved that he finally got his fifth fish if the day, no matter if it's a skinny little guy that just measured up.   He's confident he can replace him.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Glen Deskin

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Lucas chilling at the dock

Justin Lucas is back at the dock, more than two hours prior to his weigh-in time. 

The scene is reminiscent of Timmy Horton's win at the 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series win on Lake Champlain. Horton returned equally as early, ordered delivery pizza, sat at the dock and took in the moment as The Bassmasters TV cameras recorded the action.

"I remember watching that show," said Lucas. 

Lucas wisely returned to the dock for the sake of fish care. His first act was going to the marina store at Smallwood State Park to purchase a bag of ice. He added that to his livewell. 

"The last thing I want or need is dead fish," he added. "I realize it's a rare deal to come back so early but it's just as rare what I did this week."

Lucas said improved water clarity and more current influenced what he believes to be 19 pounds in his livewell. 

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Number five

Cliff Pirch finally seals the deal after a long, hot Capitol run.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Bill Randall