Lee lingering

With 20 minutes left we pulled off Jordan Lee and came to the ramp. He wasn't far as he came back through the no wake zone to ensure he wouldn't be late. He needs one more cull if he wants a shot at the win, but either way he is a part of the 4-horse race for the win. 

Feider upgrades again

With special thanks to Bri Douglas for sharing these awesome photos, Seth Feider has upgraded twice in the last half hour. Looks like his decision to run all the way south in Pool 8 was the right decision.

Time is dwindling, and he doesn't have enough separation from Defoe or Jones to take a deep breath. This one is hardly over. But, he's getting closer.

Feider's come-from-behind story is simply amazing. Even if he doesn't win here today, he has almost surely punched his ticket to Mille Lacs.

Good stuff!!

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DeFoe adds drama

Let the drama begin ... drumroll please. 

Ott DeFoe just added what he thinks to be a nearly 3 pounder to his weight. That bass moved him into second place, according to BASSTrak. He didn't have a keeper in the livewell until mid-morning, until after the consult with Gerald Swindle. 

Seth Feider just missed a bass on the hookset. We don't know the weight but he's hoping the swing and a miss doesn't come back to haunt him. 

And finally this. Alton Jones just wrapped up his day and is in the process of locking through and traveling back to the weigh-in. That will take 45 minutes. 

What all that means is Feider and DeFoe, the anglers ahead of him, have most of that extra 45 minutes to continue fishing. 

The weigh-in coming up has the potential to be the most dramatic of the season. What a way to go out!

J. Lee 5th

Jordan Lee just made a run to a new spot that I haven't seen in the three days I've followed him. It paid off big time as he landed his fifth keeper of the day. He now is focused on getting rid of that fourth fish, which was barely a keeper. This could get really interesting depending on how big of a cull he could possibly manage. 

Davis upgrades

Mark Davis with a nice upgrade.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Paul Herron

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Closing in

Jordan Lee has been stuck without a limit all day, but he just hooked and landed keeper number four, which puts him just one away from the vital limit he needs. 
Number 4 was just a squeaker that he had to measure, but it's an inch forward in the right direction. 

The countdown begins

Alton Jones has about 30 minutes left in his fishing day, and the action has slowed considerably. He's still catching a 2 pounder every now and then, but none of the 4s he needs so badly.

He is in regular contact with the lock master between pools 8 and 9 and figures he can fish here until 1:30 p.m. We'll stay with him until the bitter end. At every hook set, I'm sure he has that fleeting thought that this fish might be the one that seals the deal, then he determines by the fish's resistance that it's just another throwback. He's having those moments on every cast almost right now.

Maybe a game changer will latch on soon.