Wiggins done for the day?

Jesse Wiggins just uttered the words that no Bassmaster LIVE viewer wanted to hear: "If I land this one, I'm done." He's been putting on a show.

Wiggins did land that one, which gave him a 1-ounce cull. Now we'll see if he's truly done for the day. Just a few minutes earlier, Wiggins made almost a half-pound cull, replacing a 2-12 with a 3-3 at 8:50.

"That puts 'em all over 3 pounds," Wiggins said. "What time is it? Oh, my gosh."

Yeah, less than two hours into Day 2, Wiggins may be done fishing until Saturday. It will be interesting to see if he backs away and protects his sweet spot, or goes looking for a new one with most of the day to kill. Check-in time for him is 3:20 p.m.

"Now we can get it done"

Seth Feider and Dustin Connell have departed this area, leaving Jacob Wheeler and Adrian Avena behind. "Now that those guys are gone we can really get it done," Wheeler said with a smile. Both anglers are moving around more freely now.

Unofficial Top 5

Due to technical difficulties, none of our Top 5, which are all covered on Bassmaster LIVE, have updates on our official BASSTrakk. From what I can put together here is your unofficial Top 5:

1. Wiggins 34-9
2. Hartman 31-6
3. Mullins 29-4
4. Williamson 27-15
5. DeFoe 27-6
Notice a leap in the standings for locals David Mullins and Ott DeFoe. With weather changes ahead, the two locals will most likely have a hand in the consistency of the tournament weights. 
As I type this, Wiggins widens his gap with another 3-pound class fish landed. 
That should put him at 35-0.

Crochet is on the board

Cliff Crochet just put his first keeper in the livewell; it looked like a 2-pound smallmouth. A solid start to his day.

He's caught several shorts, but with the sun rising and warming the bank, the larger fish should start moving closer to the bank. He said the fishing should only get better as the day goes on.

Wiggins with a first!

Jesse Wiggins is likely to have a plethora of first-time experiences during his first year on the Elite Series. The 27-year-old Cullman, Ala., resident had one of those, after landing his third 3-pound smallmouth bass of the morning. With his 19-1 second-place total from yesterday, he's assured of making the Day 2 cut to the top 51 and earning at least $10,000.

"I just won $10,000, if I get back to the boat ramp," Wiggins said. "I hadn't ever got to say that before."

Wiggins now has a limit of smallmouth bass weighing at least 15 pounds. He started on the same sweet spot that he found on the last day of practice. He spent more time protecting it than he did fishing it yesterday.

"I got lucky, starting on one of the best places on the lake, I feel like," Wiggins said yesterday.

With Cherokee Lake's reputation for fish moving, being here one day and gone the next, Wiggins is proving that not to be the case for him. The key may be the combination of rock structure on the bottom and bait all around it.

"You can't see them [on sonar] here like you can at Douglas," said Wiggins, who fished an Open there last year. "There's so much rock here, and you can't tell how many are there. At Douglas, it's clay and you can count 'em. Here bait is the key, but you want rocks around the bait."

Boat flip vs. cold hand?

Adrian Avena just put his third bass in the livewell and afterwards said, "It's a tough thing when you catch a 2-pounder and don't want to put your hand in the water to pull it out."

Jacob Wheeler is facing a different kind of problem. He somehow lost all of his waypoints. So he'll be fishing old school today, using his memory to find fish.

Wiggins with a limit

My first stop was to cover rookie Wiggins. As I approached him, he caught the first keeper. Then he caught two more fish on the next two drops. He now has three for 12 pounds, he said.

Update: Four for 12 pounds.  As I typed this, he got his limit with another 3-pound fish.  He now has 15 pounds.

Cajun Baby gettin' started

With temps hovering around a balmy 20 degrees, Day 1 leader "Cajun Baby" Cliff Crochet is getting to work looking to start things off.

Today is going to be vastly different than yesterday, albeit big fish will still be on the docket. There's not nearly as much wind and lots of bright sunshine with a much warmer afternoon in the forecast.

That may slow the smallmouth bass fishing for some and kick the largemouth into high gear. Crochet is banking on the latter.

He's still looking for his first keeper of the day.