Help on the way for Hartman

Jamie Hartman just moved into second place with 4 keepers weighing 9 pounds, 8 ounces. That puts him in good shape to be fishing Championship Monday.

Hartman discovered mechanical issues with his Mercury outboard upon arrival to his spot. It’s good enough, obviously, to keep him in place. There is no need to run elsewhere. That’s good news. More good news is that Jay Anderson with Mercury Marine is on the way to make the repairs.

Once again, you’ve got to appreciate the behind-scenes work the service crews perform for the anglers. Hartman only needs one more keeper to make it a limit. My guess is Anderson will be on stand by until that fish comes aboard. We’ll find out what’s next. Stay tuned.

Determined Davis

Mark Davis is leading currently, and said yesterday he was confident in the pattern he has been exploiting. He's way up the Arkansas River, not far from the Ozark Dam.

He's fishing shallow water with a myriad of presentations, but if you're trying to see what is happening via Bassmaster LIVE, it may be a bit of a struggle for a while. The service is questionable up here, and the feed may be in and out.

We'll do our best to keep you up to date as the action happens. He has a small limit as of right now, and will likely upgrade as the morning goes on.

Where he's fishing accessing his cameraman is nearly impossible since we'd have to cross his main target to get to Davis' boat. So we're doing our best get the good stuff.

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Dardanelle on the rise, again

If you're watching "Bassmaster LIVE," you heard Kevin VanDam note that the water was a couple inches higher this morning than when he left it yesterday afternoon. That's definitely the case, as you can see from the accompanying U.S. Army Corps of Engineers chart for Lake Dardanelle.

The lake level, which got as low as 337.29 feet above sea level yesterday at 2 p.m., was up to 337.53 at 7 a.m. today. That's a rise of .24 on a river system lake where that's equivalent to a six-inch difference on a typical hydropower dam impoundment.

Karma pays off for "Boom Boom"

It's not often that you can catch only four bass weighing only 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and earn a $10,000 check for making the two-day cut in an Elite Series tournament. But Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis did exactly that yesterday.

And he needed a tiebreaker to finish in the final 51st place cut-off position. Roumbanis and Jesse Tacoronte tied with a two-day total of 21-10, but Roumbanis' Day 1 bag of 15-7 gave him the final spot for Day 3.

Maybe it was karma - what goes around comes around - working for him. Roumbanis and his wife, Julie, are hosting four Elite Series anglers this week at their newly completed home/shop near Lake Dardanelle. And maybe the karma is all Julie's, since she's the one keeping up with their two young sons and putting the food on the table for five hungry fishermen each night. Yeah, the more you think about it, that $10,000 should definitely be going in Julie's account. Fred's just fishing.

Roumbanis has his priorities straight

Fred Roumbanis makes sure his son Jackson is rigged up before taking off on Day 3.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Tyson Hofsommer

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Day 2 much tougher on Dardanelle

Mark Davis bucked the trend with his 19-pound, 4-ounce bag on Day 2, topping Kevin VanDam’s 19-3 on Day 1 of the GoPro Bassmaster Elite at Lake Dardanelle presented by Econo Lodge. Davis’ 5-bass limit was the only number that beat the totals from Friday.

“Painful, painful, painful,” said VanDam in describing a day in which he went six long hours, most of it on “Bassmaster LIVE,” without catching a single keeper before finally boating a 12-8 limit.

Obviously, VanDam’s thoughts were shared by most of the field, as the number of 16-pounds-plus bags dropped from 17 on Day 1 to only 4 on Day 2. Below is a comparison of the first two days of the tournament:

Day 1 Day 2
Total anglers 109 109
5-bass limits 80 65
Bass weighed-in 487 451 
Total weight 1,213-10 1,080-13 
Ave. bass weighed-in 2.49 lbs. 2.39 lbs. 
16-lb.-plus bags 17 4
Big bag 19-3 19-4 
Big bass 6-8 5-4

Hot Lane

 Bobby Lane has now caught a limit in 46 consecutive Elite Series competition days. That makes him tied for third all-time best in the category. Kevin VanDam leads with 57 straight days in 2008-09. Michael Iaconelli had 46 consecutive competition days with limits in 2009-11. Lane had 46 consecutive days once before, in 2009-11. With a limit on Day 3 he will tie himself for that record. 

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