C. Lane grinding it out

Photographer Garrick Dixon just found Chris Lane, who according to BASSTrakk is in 10th place with 51 pounds, 14 ounces.

Lane is fishing offshore and in a crowd of boats. He is fishing for a mixed bag, just to move up in weight, but his goal is not catching smallmouth. That makes sense, considering the post-spawn smallmouth are underweight and lethargic.

He told Garrick that catching three good largemouth will move him up in the tournament standings. Anything will help. Lane ranks 96th in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings.

Feider on a school

Seth Feider is on a school of largemouth and has caught four keepers in the same spot. I'm estimating he has 17 pounds now. Cameraman Wes Miller is in the boat with him and will get those updates into BASSTtrakk and we'll see if I'm close. Feider told us the big bass he caught earlier was a 6-pounder.

Feider is fishing in an area with scattered strands of milfoil (look closely at the bottom of the photo and you'll see some), with the occasional rock pile.

This Minnesota boy is in position to get to the top of the leaderboard today.

Jaye update

Kelley Jaye has switched to a top water spook. He caught one monster that helped and has lost four.

Wheeler interrupted

Jacob Wheeler had his day interrupted by a Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation officer shortly after 10 o’clock. Wheeler got checked for a fishing license, which all Bassmaster Elite Series anglers are required to show to B.A.S.S. tournament officials at the anglers’ meeting before each tournament. So, of course, Wheeler was in compliance.

"Could you please not pull up on the deal in front of me," said Wheeler, as the officer approached. "I have a big tourney today, and I'm fishing for a hundred thousand dollars, and I'd appreciate it."

The officer was apologetic, saying he didn’t realize Wheeler was in a big tournament. It was only a brief interruption in Wheeler’s day, but it was an interruption.

Photo by Ryan Latinville

Feider with a serious upgrade

Seth Feider just landed a largemouth that was over 5 pounds. He. called it a 5 pound cull and screamed at the top of his lungs. Feider had been bouncing from spot to spot all morning catching 2 pounders. During that time he dropped from second place to 17th. If this big bass adds 5 pounds to his bag that would give him 16 pounds and move him back into the top three or four.

Wheeler's secret weapon?

Day 2 leader Jacob Wheeler may have a secret weapon in the boat with him-- chocolate chip cookies made by Plattsburgh resident Kristin Carnright. Her son Brett happens to be our camera boat driver this week. Which means we have cookies from the same batch in our boat. I feel like my performance has improved by eating them.

Palaniuk pulling away in AOY

Brandon Palaniuk started the day in 10th place. Based on the Day 2 standings, his Angler of the Year lead had expanded to 30 points over Jacob Wheeler. Casey Ashley's third, 35 points back; Jason Christie is fourth, 45 points behind; and Greg Hackney is fifth, 72 points back. Those points aren't officially tabulated until the standings are final.

In this unusual final day, Palaniuk has plenty of room to fall in the standings since 51 anglers are competing. But so far he's going in the opposite direction. Palaniuk already has 17-14 and BASSTrakk has him just an ounce behind leader Jacob Wheeler.

Lester's lures

While Jacob Wheeler is firing up a school of offshore smallmouth there is more fired up action along the shoreline. That is where Brandon Lester is catching one smallmouth after another.

Lester is following a textbook strategy of fishing isolated rocks near shoreline funnel points that create current. That is key for washing baitfish past the smallmouth using the rocks as ambush points.

Lester is using a drop shot and Ned rig. He makes that rig with a 1/8-ounce Mustad Grip Pin Ned Head with about 3 inches of an X Zone Lures True Center Stick. For the drop shot he is using an X Zone Lures Slim Slammer. He rigs that to a No. 4 Mustad Titan X Wacky Neko Hook and a 1/4-ounce drop shot weight.

Feider adds second keeper

Seth Feider hooked up with his second smallmouth of the day, this one in the 2 pound range. He has two bass for a 5 pound total now. He's fishing near Butler Island, drop-shotting.

Feider began the day in 21st place in Toyota Angler of the Year standings, with the rest of the schedule being squarely in his wheelhouse. The Elite Series heads next to Michigan's Lake St. Clair, the noted smallmouth fishery, and then to Feider's home lake in Minnesota.