Nick of time for Herren

Just in the nick of time - a four-pounder for Matt Herren!

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Jeremy King

Big loss for J Lee

Video update on Jordan Lee

Real intentions?

These two boats are fishing really close to Gerald. It's nothing new to an Elite angler but that doesn't mean it's cool. These guys are out here trying to make a living,  give them some space to do so. I'm sure they'd say they are just fishing one of their normal spots, but we all know the deal.  

I get the legal side of it but what about the sportsmanship side? Every time they swing and miss they're looking over here or back at the camera boat to see if anyone saw it. Not Gerald, he's focused, he's doing his thing and he's confident. 

Wouldn't you know we just made a move and they pulled up and left. Guess it's not as much fun when you're not fishing in front of someone.

Update by Bassmaster Marshal Brian Gottfried

Down to the wire

It appears Kevin VanDam is going to grind out the final minutes of this tournament in this spot just north of Frontenac Park. He's caught a couple of fish here that didn't help him. And he's swung and missed a couple of times.

VanDam is pitching a Strike King Ocho to holes in this grass flat. It's probably too late to run anywhere else now, and he's had just enough encouragement to keep him here.

According to BASSTrakk, it's going to be tight. We think VanDam has a little more than the 15-3 it's showing him with, but we're talking ounces, not pounds. And the word on the water is that Brett Hite's last fish is at least a pound bigger than the 2 1/2-pounder credited on BASSTrakk.

Satisfaction for Kreiger

A happy Koby Kreiger culls up with a fish that has teased him for quite awhile.
He's looking for the big bite now. 

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Paul Pflieger

2-pound cull for Hite

Hite has lost two fish over the last hour that would have helped him out. But, as you'd expect from the veteran like him, he kept it together and made another cast. It paid off in the form of a heavy 3-plus-pounder, which resulted in at least a 2-pound upgrade.

That'll help put him near the top of BASSTrakk, but he could use one more like that to potentially wrap this thing up.

He is basically dragging his bladed jig along the outside edge of thick grass, and he's had several bites doing this so far. Another one is just a cast away.

J-Lee getting bit

Video update!

VanDam finds better water

Kevin VanDam obviously didn't like the look of how things had changed in the spot where he started this morning. He just made another move south to a spot about two miles north of Frontenac Park. The water clarity is significantly better here. VanDam just caught another non-keeper.