Kennedy with big cull

Steve Kennedy just upgraded in his first cull, a 4-pounder for a 1-pounder. 

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Rick Moore

Better late than ...

After a quiet, fish-less morning, Norfork has finally turned on for Brandon Palaniuk. He quickly landed four keepers in the last hour. 

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Ian Miller

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Snowden has figured em out late

Another good cull as time winds down...Snowden has figured something out.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Adam Street

Kennedy update

It's been awhile, but another small upgrade for Steve Kennedy.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Rick Zimmerman

Clutch cull

Skeet Reese just culled at 1:50 p.m. and now it seems his smallest is roughly 2 3/4. By our estimates along with Skeet's input occasionally, he has approximately 14 1/2 on the conservative side. He may have 14 3/4 in all honestly. 
Clutch cull for Skeet Reese either way. 
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Every minute counts

For Chris Zaldain these last minutes are everything. He's one big bite away from winning.

He's had that bite or swirl several times today but has yet to get a hook into the type fish that will put him over the edge.

After that it boils down to just how accurate BassTrakk is. Given that most guys fudge a bit. That might not be in his favor.

He may be fudging some himself. So it's hard to know whether to believe his weight or those seen by my lying eyes.

I still think it's possible for him to have 14 pounds. But it's also likely every soul on this final day has something different than what is being shown.

While it's a well-worn phrase, it's more appropriate now than ever: This one is most assuredly too close to call.

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Expo Barbecue

If you're at the Bassmaster Elite tournament weigh-in ceremonies today, go by and get some delicious barbecue from local chef Bob Slagle. Be sure ask for the special sauce!

Zaldain update

Zaldain has been going through a familiar routine the last few hours. He's still throwing his swimbait. Still hitting the same channel bends and about 20 minutes or so he will see "a big one," or a "giant" swing and miss his big swimbait.

After a couple of hours of that and all morning throwing the swimbait, he's laid it down, opting to throw a wacky rigged finesse worm.

"I can't drive all the way to Wheeler thinking about why I didn't change,"" he said.

We are back on his starting point. This time with him daubing his worm around in the areas he's missed them in all day.

Whether this is brilliance or desperation, only time will tell.