Open Championship qualifiers - Central Division

Editor's note: See Eastern Open Championship qualifiers.

The Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open Championship features 14 pro anglers from each Opens division (28 total) as well as 14 co-anglers from each region (28 total).

Here is the breakdown of the qualifiers from the Central Opens and how they did. The Top 10 in points and the four individual winners advance, if one of the event winners is also in the Top 10 the list moves down to the next angler, the only requirement for the event winners is they had to fish all four of the Opens events.

Pro Division
Frank Talley 1st in AOY
Brad Whatley2nd in AOY
Toby Hartsell 3rd in AOY
Derek Hudnall 4th in AOY
Mark Rose 5th in AOY
Caleb Sumrall 6th in AOY
Luke Palmer 7th in AOY
Brock Mosley8th in AOY
Patrick WaltersRed River Winner & 9th in AOY
Yusuke Miyazaki10th in AOY
Tyler Rivet 11th in AOY, extra spot via Walters win
Stephen Browning Ross Barnett Winner
Harvey Horne Arkansas River Winner
Justin Atkins Logan Martin Winner

Co-Angler Division
Alex Heintze 1st in AOY
Joe Lee Arkansas River Winner & 2nd in AOY
John Connell 3rd in AOY
Mark Powers 4th in AOY
Noel Allen Jr. Red River Winner & 5th in AOY
Brian Murphy 6th in AOY
Jordan Lane7th in AOY
Daniel Corkern8th in AOY
Beau Browning9th in AOY
Brett Walker10th in AOY
Stephen Parnell 11th in AOY, extra spot via Lee’s win
Jeff Wallace 12th in AOY, extra spot via Allen’s win
Justin Leet Ross Barnett Winner
William McNutt II Logan Martin Winner