Luken has a limit

We have caught up with the Day 1 co-angler leader Matt Luken from Kentucky and his boater Doug Sauls from Florida. 

After catching a three bass limit of 9-1 yesterday, Luken has three bass today for about five pounds and is looking to upgrade. 

Sauls and Luken are throwing slow moving baits on secondary points not far from takeoff at Green Pond Landing.

The pair have caught only spotted bass today and yesterday. 

“Limits weren’t hard to come by in practice it was just about finding good ones,” Luken said. “And I caught some good ones yesterday.”

For Sauls, the lake has changed since he arrived for practice on Monday. 

“We were catching 14-15 a day Monday and Tuesday,” he said. “The wind has gone full circle this week. The fishing has been really random.”

Lillard, Mccaffery changing strategy

Tennessee boater Toby Lillard and Mississippi non-boater Caleb Mccaffery started the morning fishing for spawning bass in the Seneca River.

Unfortunately, the 3-pound bass Lillard found would not commit to any bait he threw at them. Now, the two anglers are fishing secondary points off the main lake area, hoping to fill out their limits.

Lillard said he had found 20 pounds of bass on bed during practice, but the weather changes hurt his chances at catching those fish.

The two anglers have thoroughly fished the same point for the last 20 minutes and Mccaffery has swung and missed on a couple of bites. 

Mccaffery caught 2 bass for 5-10 on Day 1, good enough for 20th place in the overall non-boater standings.

Gunter, Thompson off to fast start

Welcome to Day 2 of the TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Southeast Regional at Lake Hartwell.

A hundred boaters and co-anglers from 10 states are looking to finish at the top of their state standings and earn a berth in the B.A.S.S. Nation National Championship to be held on the Ouachita River in early November.

In the overall standings, boaters are trying to catch Tennessee angler Nobuyuki Terajima, who caught 14 pounds, 2 ounces on Day 1 while Matt Luken of Kentucky leads the co-angler side with 9-1.

Boater Bryan Gunter of South Carolina and his partner Keith Thompson of North Carolina got off to a fast start, with Gunter catching four bass and Thompson filling out his three bass limit in the early morning of Day 2.

Gunter’s biggest fish right now is a 4-pound largemouth, but the duo has mostly caught spotted bass throughout the tournament.

The morning bite has tailed off, however, and they have moved through four different secondary points in the last 45 minutes.

“It’s been tough the last two days,” Gunter said. “We had a fast start and now it is tough again”

On Day 1, Gunter finished the day tied for 22nd place with 10-2 and helped the South Carolina state team take the lead in the state competition.

Thompson caught 3-5 on Day 1 but said he matched his first day total with his first two fish today.

Early on Day 1

An early Day 1 picture from Lake Hartwell launch.

Update by Ben Nowalk West Virginia B.A.S.S. Nation

One more moon

That Pickwick moon just one more before the battle begins

Different species

Wrong species but lots of fun.

Update by Lee Byrd

Caught a chunk

Jamie Lanier of the Florida B.A.S.S. Nation with a nice Lake Hartwell chunk.

A few good ones

Florida B.A.S.S. Nation catching a few good ones during practice.