Slow go for Leagjeld

Less than 100 yards from Lindgren is Connor Leagjeld. The Minnesota native has dropped down to 6th unofficially on BassTrak. He currently only has two fish in the box.   

Slow start on final day

It’s been a slow start for the remaining anglers here in Lacrosse. Day 2 leader, Rich Lindgren, is fishing in an area where he found a few upgrades yesterday. Even though BassTrak doesn’t have him registering a fish today, Rich has two in the box. 

Leagjeld all smiles on Day 3

Connor Leagjeld is all smiles even though the rain is starting to pick up. The tournament director just announced a short delay due to lighting conditions. “At least I have my Blackfish gear,” he said, “Otherwise I’d be soaked."

Rainy start to final day

Rainy conditions greet the anglers this morning here in LaCrosse. Current leader Rich Lindgren seems calm, cool and collected. “I feel confident that I have both brown and green fish going,” he said. 

Team South Dakota

Team South Dakota poses for a team picture. 

Diede fishing methodically

South Dakota’s Troy Diede is picking his way through grass patches and flats.  The area that went from zero boat traffic, now has multiple anglers playing merry go round. Behind Diede, you can see Danny Ryan to the left and Ron Mehr to the right. Rich Lindgren also just arrived to the same area and caught what appeared to be a significant upgrade.

Stoddard feeling the pressure

Stoddard is a very popular area on the river, but has had little pressure from tournament anglers. Today, however, is a bit different. Connor Leagjeld is now sharing water with Ohio’s Danny Ryan Jr. While Leagjeld has a limit and has culled multiple times, Ryan, who zeroed yesterday, just caught his first keeper of the day.


Leagjeld fills out his limit

Connor Leagjeld just filled out his limit, followed by a miss and then an upgrade. After finishing Day 1 tied for third with 14-12, he has moved into first place unofficially on BassTrak with 10-5 for Day 2.


Lindgren moving around

We found Day 1 leader Rich Lindgren shortly after he filled out his Day 2 limit. “I’ve got lots of room to grow," he said. “I didn’t even have a fish at this time yesterday." Lindgren is unofficially in the lead according to BassTrakk. He’s staying calm and confident moving from wing dams with his co-angler. Ryan Mallory, the non boater with Lindgren today has two fish and is working on filling his limit.