Powroznik back to the start

Jacob Powroznik made a move back to his morning spot where he caught his fourth keeper earlier. After that spot yielded no activity, he moved back to where he's been catching nice fish every day. That paid off right away and he caught a 3 pounder to make another cull. He is now estimated to have 12 pounds in his livewell. 

Kyle Austin lands 3rd keeper

Weve caught up with South Carolina angler Kyle Austin, who entered the day in 10th place and has two bass registered on BassTrakk that unofficially weigh 3-6.

He did, however, just catch his third keeper that has not been reflected on BassTrakk just yet.

Austin said this is the slowest he has ever fished in his life. He is targeting isolated docks that have brush underneath or around them.

In the last few minutes, he jumped off a non-keeper bass and has moved between three different dock. The best dock of the week, however, currently has a pontoon sitting over the juice, preventing him from reaching the bass that reside there.

Austin adding weight

Kyle Austin just added a 1 pound, 5 ouncer to his bag.

Powroznik on the move

Jacob Powroznik started his day in the same cove not far from takeoff the last two mornings, which produced a few keepers. This morning, he caught 4 keepers in this same cove to start his day. He made a 15 mile move to the upper side of Ryan Creek to hopefully fill out his limit, and even cull a few. He is now going back towards the dam to see if he can upgrade his weight. 

LeBrun searching for first keeper

Although he has landed four bass total, Nick LeBrun is still searching for his first keeper.

The good news for him is that the fish in his area are active, with little groups of fishing schooling every couple of minutes.

The bad news is, the fish are not committing to his presentation. After scanning through the area with his Active Target, LeBrun said he is around the fish to seal a victory and hopes they bite better as the day goes on like they did on Day 2. 

LeBrun has also noticed a decent population of striper in the area and noted that some of the big spotted bass are mixed in.

He also tried to replicate his largemouth pattern on Day 1, but could not get a blow up.

The schooling activity has picked up even more in the last few minutes.

Powroznik with a nice one

Virginia pro Jacob Powroznik just added another nice one to his livewell. 

A shallow start for Przekurat

Jay Przekurat is in a beautiful place this morning with a buzzbait. He is fishing supershallow and saw some of the fish before they bit yesterday. I didn't even realize there were any creeks on this lake with 3 to 4 feet of water in the channel. We are about an hour into the tournament and he has yet to have a bite. We are about to make a pretty long run.