A practice catch

A practice catch for Brian Crecelius of the Arkansas team.
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Nation: Team Colorado

Meet team Colorado!

Bottom Row left to right:
Howard Wong
Al Austin
Cliff Purslow
Kirk Albrecht 
Andy Hackett 
John Santos 
Mark Lomenick 
Kaito Aijiro 
Morgan Fitzgerald 

Back row left to to right
Nate Caldwell 
Jason Carpenter 
Connor Santos 
Daryl Barberousse 
Ron Giebel 
Adam Deakin 
Jason Gasper 
Austin Howard 
Dave Withee 
Joe Conway

Nation: Peaceful Evening

Peaceful evening before competition begins in the morning! Good luck to the 160 anglers from 8 states that are vying for that BNC berth and a shot at the 2021 Bassmaster Classic!

Nation: Team Arkansas

Meet team Arkansas!

Non- boaters on top deck
Gentry Hagler
Mike Komp
Brian Choate
Hunter Butler
Joseph Combs
Clint McCance
Brian Padgett
James Boyett
Steve Brecko
Jared Kyzer

On boat deck boaters
Brian Crecelius 
Don Douglas 
Josh Ray 
Blade Batchelor 
Dustin Huggins
Drew Tabor
Dalton Ross
Ty Bowman
Jim Martin
Brandon Lee

Team Kansas

Back row left to right - Trevis Unger, Chris Brimager, Larry Fralick, Jeff Cherne, Dale Manning, Jesse Jordan, Rick Muhl, Kevin Miller, Jason Baird, Joel Porter Front row left to right - Alex Torkleson, Jeff Nolte, Keith Pflumm, Thomas Heinen, Richard Heflin, Mike Turner, Branden Garrison, Jeremihia Cole, Kyle Klein, Douglass Troxel. 

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Nation: PowerBait

Thank you Berkley for providing PowerBait for the anglers!

Nation: Registration

Thank you Mammoth for providing hand sanitizer!

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