Blaylock fills his limit

Stetson Blaylock has finished his limit and by our count that puts him in a virtual tie with Lee Livesay.

Blaylock is headed back to the grass mat that has produced a 5-pounder on Day 1 and a 3-pounder today.

He missed several fish there earlier. Im sure he feels like its his best bet to cull.

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Livesay moving on this afternoon

Lee Livesay is satisfied with the 13-pounds-plus that he's caught today. It's his third straight day with 13 pounds after weighing 13-0 on Day 1 and 13-3 on Day 2. Sure, Livesay would like to add to his total today, but not from his prime area.

"I don't want anybody to see me out here any longer than possible," Livesay said.

He plans to search for some new areas and revisit some areas where he caught fish in practice during the final hours today.

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Blaylock with four

Stetson Blaylock has just caught his fourth fish. It adds another 2-pounds to his total and virtually assures he will make the final. 

He still needs a fifth to keep the lead and they are busting all around him.

Hes in the back of a short creek where a huge black shad ball is moving about. Every once in a while bass start breaking them up and Blaylock will fire away. Hes caught the one, had a short and missed a few. 

This is where he finished his limit yesterday and it looks like thats the plan today.

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Blaylock fully armed and ready

Stetson Blaylock moved to his schooling fish spot after boating two keepers elsewhere earlier today.

This morning on the ramp Blaylock told me that yesterday he didn't have the right size swimbait to match the tiny live shad being fed upon by the bass.

"Today, I've got the size that matches the bait, and plenty of it in the boat," he said.

Lee Livesay's fish slurping a topwater frog is always fun to watch on Bassmaster LIVE, and it would also be equally as entertaining to see Blaylock's fish school on the surface. And unlike yesterday, see those schoolers commit to his lure.

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Felix dubbed the "Sleepy Assassin"

Earlier today during the morning segment of Bassmaster LIVE, Mark Zona referred to Austin Felix as the Sleepy Assassin during our Skype. 

Felix may come at you with a slower pace but dont be fooled. On the water, the 13 Fishing Pro has one speed ... wide slam open! Whether its skipping docks, working a jig or running his Phoenix Mercury across Chickamauga Lake, Felix is on the go, Jack! 

During our last run, we had baits flailing about in the floor, scissors bouncing around and I even donated a Yeti cup to Tennessee River fishery; however, that hasnt slowed down the leader in the Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year standings.

With just one keeper in the boat, Felix know hes got to work fast with the shortened day. He has caught two nonkeepers and he lost one, meaning hes around fish. Getting them to eat and in the boat has been the challenge.

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Livesay first to a limit

Lee Livesay became the first angler in today's 40-man field to catch a five-bass limit. Unofficially, he's got over 13 pounds and has the lead. Livesay was hopping a frog across a mat when he said, "I can't believe I can't get bit right there." And boom, No. 5 blew up on the frog.
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Blaylock’s third keeper

Somewhere in the middle of all that vegetation is a 3-pound bass. It’s Stetson Blaylock’s third keeper of the day and gives him somewhere in the 7-pound range at the moment. 

But things could be so much better. He’s lost one that was as big or bigger and missed two more working his frog over a mat of grass. But he’s still building. A few more like that and he could be back here tomorrow.

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Hudnall left confident Saturday

Derek Hudnall weighed the second-biggest bag of the tournament yesterday, and left Chickamauga Lake as maybe the most confident angler in this tournament. His five-bass limit - one of only 20 limits caught Saturday - weighed 18-1 and moved him up 49 places in the standings to 17th. 
"We've spent all practice trying to fish where they should be and they haven't been there yet," Hudnall said Saturday. "They are today. And I think they're coming to me. It's just that time of year. The fish are migrating, they're transitioning right now."
Hudnall said he was fishing in the back of a pocket, adding, "I honestly think they just moved back there today. These fish are white, white, white. They're coming out of deep water."
At noon today, BASSTrakk shows Hudnall without a keeper. Was his confidence misplaced on this lake which hasn't allowed any of that, or is this a timing deal that will turn on eventually?
Hudnall could use another big day. He's making a run at a Bassmaster Classic berth, coming off a 10th-place finish at Santee Cooper last week. He was 48th in AOY points based on yesterday's standings.
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Felix showing patience

As I was sitting down to draft a midday report for Austin Felix, the Siteline Pro set the hook on his first fish of the day, and the mood changed in the boat. Felix even showed a smile, gave me a fist bump, put his head down and went back to work. 
“Goal number one is out of the way,” said Felix. “Now let’s get another!” The Minnesota angler is fishing an area now where he filled his limit yesterday. 
Felix is showing a lot of patience today following the over two hour fog delay and it’s that patience that is paying off for him right now. 
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Wind could play a big factor

A big change today is the wind. It’s been relatively calm all week, which hasn’t helped the bite a whole lot.

But the moment I’m feeling a steady 10- to 15-mile wind out of the Southeast.

That will certainly help some of these guys. In an event where the key forage has been small shad, the wind will certainly kick them in gear and then the bite.

This is the first day that something other than a boat wave has made these boats on the water bob up and down. It’s a good thing.