Louisiana Lafayette with four


Bethel with one

Cody Huff and Dakota Pierce of Bethel have 1 fish for 3-12 right now. 

Sumrall breaks down East Texas' strategy

Caleb Sumrall breaks down what the East Texas Baptist University team of Brett Clark and Cody Ross are doing out on Toledo. 

Top 12 teams

Here are your Top 12 teams vying for the title today. It took almost 15 pounds per day to make the Top 12 and just under 20 pounds per day to lead the event. Cody Huff and Dakota Pierce have a 3-13 lead on 2nd and a 9-15 gap on 12th.

Early leaders at weigh-in

Day 1 leaders Cody Huff and Dakota Pierce of Bethel University brought 19-13 to the scales on Day 2. They have the early lead again with 39-8 for two days.

Even with the weather being inconsistent, their weight has been consistent, 19-11 and 19-13. Those are the two biggest bags of the event so far.

Huff and Pierce staying hot

Cody Huff and Dakota Pierce of Bethel University had 19-11 on Day 1 and were in command by 14 ounces. The gap from their leading spot to 12th place was 3-10. 

They are having another great day today and it happened much faster than Day 1. They got started yesterday around 11 to 11:30 with a few fish catches. Today they managed 14 pounds in the first 30 minutes. They have been slightly upgrading ever since. I ran down to their area and arrived as they were culling. They were putting a good sized fish in the livewell, which I assume gave them an excellent cull. 

About 10 minutes later they landed a 3-14 largemouth and culled out a fish that was 2 and change. Another good upgrade has their total around 17, maybe 18 pounds. 

“It’s just starting to get right,” Huff said. “The only place that is working for us is this area. The bait has broken up and disappeared on some spots.”

All of their weight has been from one spot thus far. If there are 5 or 6 more solid keepers here, this tournament could be theirs. 

One positive is the fish were there yesterday with cloudy conditions. Today is post-frontal and there is a solid north wind. Blue bird skies could hurt most anglers, but Huff and Pierce were confident no matter if the sun showed up or not. 

The Top 12 advance to Championship Saturday to compete for the title. Meanwhile the Top 25 punch their ticket to the National Championship. Huff and Pierce are a lock to qualify, as long as they don’t make an egregious error and weigh their fish on time today.

Cox and Overton staying steady

Despite the sustained north wind barreling down on Ty Cox and Fisher Overton, the duo is staying steady with their weight. They started Day 2 in fifth place with 17-1. 

The Blue Mountain College team have another limit today and have culled twice since I arrived. They are in the 16-pound range after upgrading by half a pound and a pound on their two culls. 

“If we upgrade another pound, we are strapping down our rods and getting out of here,” Cox said. “Two 17-pound days should give us a shot heading into the final day.”

They are tucked in a field of trees right now fishing what looks like a perfect series of ditches with some high spots mixed in. It’ll be interesting to see how the other contenders fair because this team is staying consistent even under the high pressure of a blue-bird sky day.