SEMO on the move

SEMO has left their primary area to search for a few big bites as they believe the spotted bass they have been catching all week will not allow them to make needed culls to win.

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SEMO off to quick start

Nick Moore and Jake Harris from SEMO off to a quick start with a limit just over 11 pounds.

Video: College anglers discuss Smith Lake tactics

College teams that made it to Day 3 of the Carhartt College Series presented by Bass Pro Shops discuss how they got to the final day and what their plans are to keep it going.

College anglers begin final day on Smith Lake

The Top 12 begin their last day on Smith Lake for the Carhartt College Series presented by Bass Pro Shops. It's a warmer morning, and the water level has gone down dramatically overnight. We'll see if first place McKendree University can continue to dominate the field. Weigh-in begins at 3:30 pm CT. 

Sweating it in Alabama

West Virginia University is sweating it. The fourth fish going in the box, no size yet. Need a big bite.

Slow Day 2 start

It took some time, but West Virginia University just put fish number one in the boat. Our spots from yesterday dried up completely so we are starting fresh.

Time to upgrade

West Virginia University just put number five in the box. Time to upgrade.

Auburn's early start

William Phillips and Blake Spradlin with Auburn University have an early limit of five fish weighing in around 12 pounds.

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