Jones catching numbers

Teb Jones, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is having no problem boating keepers this afternoon. Today, Jones has boated over 30 keepers off of this one spot.

Current is the biggest factor for Jones to catch a better than average size keeper, and there just isn’t any current this afternoon. Although Jones admits that his bigger bites have come in the morning, he’s going to milk this spot for the rest of the day in hopes that he can catch another big one.

Jones is fishing a main lake point using a finesse walking style bait which is an adjustment that was made this morning. On Days 1 and 2 of competition, Jones had no issue catching fish on larger lures but today the smaller presentation has been the ticket.

Midday update with Logan


Miller with a limit

Clint Miller has just finished his limit. He’s going to call it around 8 pounds. But it looks a little heavier than that.

Either way that will put him back in second place at the moment.

He still needs to capture double what he has to have a shot at catching Carson.

But he’s catching fish. Eventually, the bigger ones will show. He’s had a big one both days leading up to the final.

Carson said best is yet to come

Photographer Andy Crawford, who has been following Day-2 leader Keith Carson since takeoff, reports that the Day-2 leader recently made his first cull.

Crawford said Carson is running the main river and catching most of his fish on a crankbait fished along the edges of flooded grass. This pattern has yielded approximately nine bites.

After making his first cull Carson noted: “I need a 3-pounder and then a big bite and I haven’t even gotten to the best stretch yet.”

As of 10:12, Carson has an unofficial total of 46-4, which gives him a lead of 6-7 over his nearest competitor, Clint Miller. (All weights are unofficial until today’s weigh-in, which takes place at 2:15 at Beeswax Park.)

Opens Angler of the Year

Bryan New made a trip back to Beeswax Creek to pick up some hardware this morning. Here he is with the 2020 Falcon Rods Bassmaster Opens Angler of the Year trophy. In addition to the $10,000 prize, holding this trophy means New will be competing on the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series.

Being a good sport

Andy Crawford came up on the peculiar sight of a boater operating the trolling motor, both hands in his pockets, as the co-angler continued to fish. 

Upon inquiring about what was going on, Shawn Hendrix recounted that he'd weighed only 2 pounds, 3 ounces yesterday, while his co-angler Stacy Jefferson had done much better. 

In a show of good sportsmanship, Hendrix decided to cease fishing to give his partner a better chance of catching fish. He trolled to areas likely to hold fish and offered advice on how to catch them. 

Neu's good limit

Adam Neu, of Forestville, Wisc., has a good limit in the boat that he estimates at around 14 pounds. Neu has been flipping wood up the river all morning and believes that his bite will continue to get better the closer we get to weigh-in.

Neu came into the day sitting in 18th place, so he’s put himself in good position to slide into the Top 12 with two hours left to fish.