Practice wrapped up

Last day of practice has been wrapped up. As seen below, the photo describes how my practice went. Never have I thought I'd have to take out my “fairy wand” (spinning reel) just to get some bites in Texas of all places.

With one big fish I got I'm hoping it wil lead me onto something on tournament day. Super happy with how all my equipment is working, I have been glued to my Humminbirds and Minn Kota Ultrex, and of course my Abu Garcia set up is as flawless.

Nevertheless i am super happy to even be back in the U.S.A. from South Africa during this global pandemic to compete against the top anglers around.

God is good! #justfaithfishing

A practice catch

Brent Shores from AccuCull with a Sam Rayburn bass cauight during practice.

Update by Ron Risenhoover

A day on Rayburn

Wyatt Wimberley is already sunburned by the East Texas heat pounding down. 

Below, Idaho angler Brent Shores' first time on Rayburn.

A group of military helicopters flying across the dam of Rayburn.

Rods on deck

You know you're in trouble when you have this many rods on the deck.

Update by Ron Risenhoover with Brandon Hollingshead

Fishing as a co-angler

Keith Allen is fishing this week's Central Open as a co-angler. The 51-year-old angler is an over-the-road trucker from Springfield, Mo., that calls Stockton Lake his home fishery.

Texas lovebugs

How about some Sam Rayburn East Texas lovebugs! They have started to swarm.

Update by Ron Risenhoover

Everything is big in Texas

Angler Ron Risenhoover found this giant snail shell on the shore of Sam Rayburn