Toughest weather day

Today should be the toughest day of the derby if weather forecasts are correct. Not sure that’s ever happened but one can hope.

It’s not terribly rough out here. But it’s not easy either. We got a Southwest wind at about 10 miles per hour. That creates close to 2-footers which makes for a slightly bumpy ride and a rocking rolling day on the boat.

But it will also help the fishing. Or should. While we bob up and down we at least get to sit.

In practice this kind of up and down forced several of the guys to take motion sickness pills.

I’m starting to see why.

Zona: "They're going to wreck 'em today"

Bassmaster LIVE's Mark Zona's early assessment of Day 1 on Lake St. Clair: "They're going to wreck 'em today. It's a perfect smallmouth day - not a cloud in the sky and a perfect smallmouth chop on the water."

You're seeing lots of crankbaits thrown this morning. And apparently the anglers are going to wreck the walleyes too today. Stetson Blaylock caught two in the first 30 minutes on a crankbait.

Expect plenty of action

We’ve made our first stop this morning on what is known as the Metro Flats. It’s a big area that can hold a lot of boats and in the section we are in we can see Brandon Lester, who just caught a nice smallmouth, Bob Downey, Paul Mueller, Drew Benton, Lee Livesay, Seth Feider and a variety of locals. They are socially distanced by about 100 yards from each other. Close enough to see each other but too far to carry on a conversation. Same goes for us. But we will work on getting reports when we can. We expect to see plenty of action. Our electronics are lighting up with fish so it’s just a matter of time.

Hartman expecting a slow grind

Jamie Hartman begins this tournament at the Angler of the Year points leader after four Elite Series events this year. He expects it to be a tough task to remain there after four days of the Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Claire.

"It's a slow grind," Hartman said as he boated out of the Metro Park takeoff site this morning. "I've accepted that. I haven't found any (fish) bunched up. We're going to grind out five - one at a time."

Even if Hartman isn't in the lead after this one, he wants to remain in contention for the coveted AOY title, saying, "Staying in the hunt in AOY is very important."

Day 1 live at St. Clair

Day 1 of the Yeti Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair features eight anglers all day on Bassmaster LIVE plus more anglers for bonus coverage. You can catch the action starting at 7 am ET and coverage extends through 2 pm ET. Bassmaster is featured on ESPN2 from 8:30-10 ET and 11-2 ET.

Pictured from left to right: (Destin DeMarion, Derek Hudnall, Chad Pipkens, Seth Feider, Jamie Hartman, Stetson Blaylock, Garrett Paquette and Chris Groh.)

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