LeHew's loss is Gross's gain

If not for Shane LeHew's misfortune, Buddy Gross wouldn't have qualified for today's top 10. As you may recall, LeHew suffered a 2-pound penalty yesterday for having six fish in his livewell at one time. But LeHew also had a dead fish 4-ounce penalty on Friday.
LeHew finished 11th, only 4 ounces behind Gross, even with the 2-pound penalty. It was that extra four ounces that eliminated him for the top 10. Without that, LeHew and Gross would have been tied for 10th with a three-day total of 56-13, and LeHew would have won the tiebreaker based on biggest bag. Even with the penalties, LeHew had 23-1 Friday. Gross's heaviest limit prior to today was 20-7 on Thursday.
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Buddy Gross: From 10th to 1st

Buddy Gross is putting on a brushpile-fishing clinic. The latest example was a 6 1/2-pounder that has given him a five-bass limit of 26 pounds, 4 ounces. And, more importantly, it has moved him into the lead, according to BASSTrakk. Remember, Gross started this four-day event in 43rd place after Day 1, and he started today in the 10th and final qualifying spot for Championship Saturday.

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Canterbury feeling uncomfortable

Scott Canterbury started the day with a 4-pound, 3-ounce lead over his closest competitor going into the final day of the DEWALT Bassmaster Elite at Lake Eufaula. He's got close to a 17-pound limit today. He doesn't know what any of his fellow competitors have caught. But he's not feeling good about it.
"I feel like I'm blowing a four-pound lead," Canterbury said on "Bassmaster LIVE" at 11:20 CDT. "And I'm doing everything I can think of to catch a big one. Everything I can think of."
His instincts are correct. Buddy Gross is only 2-5 behind Canterbury and Brandon Cobb is 3-9 back, according to the unofficial BASSTrakk standings.

Lows and highs

Brandon Cobb has experienced the lows and the highs of bass fishing within a dozen casts. 
After losing a 4-pounder at the boat, the angler shrugged it off and kept fishing the same brush pile. 
And it paid off when a 5-pounder sucked in his crankbait. 
“That makes up for that last fish,” Cobb said. “That’s the first 5-pounder I’ve caught all week.”
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Cobb's heartbreak

Brandon Cobb finally set the hook on a bass that would really help out - and the fish spit the angler’s crankbait at the boat. 
“That’s OK,” he said. “We’ll catch another one.”

Hartman: I'll be back to this dock

Jamie Hartman just spent about 40 minutes fishing one dock, probing many spots from different angles, with no results. This is a spot that has been very, very good to him this week. Not today. At least not yet. 
“When the sun is straight up and the shadows are directly below the dock, I’ve been able to hammer em here,” he said. “But they didn’t bite for me here today.
“Yesterday I was throwing a plastic worm right up to the dock and they wouldn’t bite. Then I switched to a little baby brush hog and they bit right away. It was a natural color, green pumpkin with a blue fleck. They hate that thing. 
“I’ll be coming back to this spot later today.”
Hartman is now sitting in 6th place with five fish for 13-13. 
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Cobb sees the bigger picture

Brandon Cobb finally caught his fifth keeper about 9:30 - but released the fish after weighing it. 
“It was tiny,” the Elite Series pro said. 
Not to worry: He made a couple more casts and put a 3-pounder in the boat. 
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Fantsy Fishing implications

Buddy Gross is impacting the Lake Eufaula Bassmaster Elite not only in reality, but also in the fantasy aspect. Gross came into the Final Day in 10th place which is a total of 260 points for Rapala Fantasy Fishing. If Gross made a charge so big that he came from 10th to 1st to win it would be huge. To do so he would probably eclipse Bill Lowen's Big Bag of the event (23-4) and the 7-pounder he landed could surpass Chris Zaldain's (7-5) big bass of the event. Here's how his Fantasy points would change.

10th = 260 points

1st = 300 points
Big Bass = 40 bonus points
Big Bag = 40 bonus points
Daily Leader = 5 bonus points

Gross could go from 260 to 385 points for Fantasy Fishing players that picked him.

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Gross made biggest Day 1 jump

Buddy Gross made the highest leap in the Day 1 standings to reach today's top 10 final. The 47-year-old veteran angler but Elite Series rookie from Chickamauga, Ga., was 43rd after Wednesday's weigh-in, when he had 16 pounds, 14 ounces. Gross made a big move on Day 2 to 17th place after weighing 20-7. He made the final in 10th place with 19-8 for a three-day total of 56-13. And he's got the second-biggest bass of the day so far today with a 5-pounder.
The following shows the three-day progress in the standings of today's top 10:
Scott Canterbury    11th     3rd     1st
Caleb Kuphall         23rd     5th     2nd
Drew Cook              25th   20th     3rd
Matt Arey                13th     1st      4th
Brandon Cobb         20th     7th     5th
Jamie Hartman         6th     12th    6th
Chris Zaldain            3rd     10th    7th
Drew Benton           12th     11th    8th
Clark Wendlandt       4th       6th    9th
Buddy Gross           43rd     17th  10th 
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Canterbury fills limit with big one

Scott Canterbury just completed his five fish limit with a 4 pound bass— his biggest of the day. It gives him approximately 15 pounds and a 6-10 lead over Drew Cook who currently sits in second place.  
Canterbury has a 2 pounder and a 2-8 in the livewell, so there’s plenty of room to cull up. 
There are six spectator boats ant three camera boats currently watching his every move. 
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