Video: Being in contention means everything to Crews

Being in contention means everything to John Crews

Combs lands four quick ones

Keith Combs began the day in 43rd place, but he's off to a strong start in order to make the top 25 anglers who will fish on Sunday. Combs landed a 5-pounder at 7:45. Around 8:30 he got a school of bass fired up and put four more keepers in the livewell in less than 15 minutes. That has moved him up to 11th place on BASSTrakk with a five-fish total of 12-14 this morning.

Local Lester

Here is noteworthy intel on Brandon Lester, who currently is listed as fifth in BASSTrakk with three keepers in the box and a score of 27 pounds, 3 ounces.

Lester's birthplace and hometown of Fayetteville, Tenn., is about an hour's drive north of Lake Guntersville. He grew up fishing the Tennessee River lakes, from Chickamauga (where UTC is located), to Guntersville and Pickwick. It was Pickwick where Lester spent long days and weeks leading up to the tournament, honing his Tennessee River bassing skills.

"It's not identical to Guntersville but it does have the same setup with the ledges and prespawn areas," he said.

Lester told me that last week when I went to his shop shoot videos for He went on to tell me that he spent a lot of time ledge fishing, to get conditioned on the migration behavior of the largemouth.

"No matter where you are on the Tennessee River, the bass move from those areas into the creeks, so it's a matter of pinpointing where they are along the way during the spawning cycle," he told me.

Well, as fate would have it, Lester is finding success in those areas on Guntersville. A friend told me that he specializes in this very tactic. Coincidentally, Lester fished on the UTC college team and has competed on many local tournaments over the years on Guntersville.

One at a time

Davis idled about 100 yards and quickly landed keeper number four, his best fish of the day so far. The quality isn't there yet, but he is on a good pace to fill his livewell.

Video: Catching them at Guntersville is special for Davis

Catching them at Guntersville is special for Clent Davis


Frazier boats two more

Micah Frazier lost two bass at the side of his boat trying to flip them, but he seemed to learn from that - and has added two more bass to his limit.

Instead of flipping them, he worked to the driver’s seat to lip them. They aren’t giants - he probably has 5 or 6 pounds In his livewell - but he’s still getting bit.

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Three down

After several more near misses Clent Davis put number two and three in the well in quick succession. Not giants, but fish to weigh nonetheless.

There is a boat on the other side of the island just itching for him to leave so they can jump over and fish. That has to eventually impact hos decision of how long to stay.

Video: It's a different Guntersville every time for Auten

It's a different Guntersville every time for Todd Auten.

2014 revisited: Anything possible on Guntersville

Alabama’s famed Lake Guntersville will be the fishery for the 50th anniversary Classic, where 53 anglers who qualified over the past year vie for the winner’s purse of $300,000. “The Classic is literally a life-changing event for the angler who wins," B.A

A quick recap of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic emphasizes the point that anything is possible in a three-day tournament on Lake Guntersville:

- The Day 1 leader was Randall Tharp with 27-8, followed closely by Edwin Evers with 26-13.
- The Day 2 leader was Evers and Tharp was only one ounce behind.
- Paul Mueller caught only three fish totaling 9-10 on Day 1 to finish in 47th place, but he weighed a Classic record 32-3 on Day 2 to leap into 5th place.
- Randy Howell started Day 3 in 11th place, 9 pounds behind the leader, Evers. Howell weighed 29-2, which was at the time the third-largest five-bass limit in Classic history, to win with a three-day total of 67-8, exactly one pound more than second-place Mueller.

Lester getting started

Tennessee pro Brandon Lester just dropped his second bass in the livewell. He’s fishing the same stretch of lake as he did yesterday, and he thinks the big ones are arriving.

Late in the day yesterday, he caught a big one that put his total just under 21 pounds. Today he needs more than that to stay in the running.

The wind is not as intense, and it’s out of a different direction. But it’s cold out.

As the temps rise today, the bite should improve, and the lake levels have stabilize as well. So expect good fishing overall.

We’ll update again shortly. Lester is still looking for number three on the day.

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