Sticking with it

Even though he is struggling now, Clent Davis is disinclined to leave this uplake creek. He knows what lives here and knows it could provide the win.

"I've got a million places in my head to go," he said, but he is convinced those fish, would be equally affected by the high pressure.

There are short windows and he intends to be here for them.

Six-pounder fires up Combs

The bass bite seems to have turned on for several anglers at the mid-morning mark. And it has one angler in particular, Keith Combs, fired up enough to do a little bass boat dancing.

Combs landed at 6-pounder at 11:18 to go with the 5-pounder he caught at 8:45 to give him 17-2 on the day. More importantly, he's laid a solid foundation for one of those monster bags from Lake Guntersville.

Combs needs it. He started the day in 43rd place after catching only three bass totaling 7-13 yesterday.

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Auten moving up

We were heading to cover Stetson Blaylock when a check of BASSTrakk showed Todd Auten has moved into second with a limit weighing 15-4.

So we called an audible and headed to follow Auten, and we’ve seen him catch two bass in the first 20 minutes.

Neither has culled what was in his livewell, but it shows he’s on a really productive area - and he’s just less than 4 pounds behind leader Hank Cherry, who is fishing about 3 minutes away.

Video: Lester hoping a change in weather helps

Brandon Lester hoping a change in weather helps

Davis still grinding

Despite not having caught a legal fish for what seems like forever, Clent Davis does not seem stressed. His posture is still strong and he is not hurrying.

If his area does heat up and he manages to win, he will become one of the handful of anglers to win both the Classic and the Forrest Wood Cup. With the changes to the fishing industry over the past couple of years, the number of anglers who have the potential to do that is finite and small.

Gustafson on the board with a big one

Jeff Gustafson started the day in 32nd place after bagging a 12-12 limit yesterday. He has only one bass so far today, but it's one of those that everyone is looking for on Lake Guntersville - a 6 1/2-pound largemouth. It's the big bass of the day so far. That one bass is enough to move Gustafson up to 21st place currently on BASSTrakk.

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Lowen sticking with hero or zero plan

In this his 10th Bassmaster Classic, Bill Lowen came in with confidence and a game plan. It was going to be hero or zero for him. And it was nearly zero on Day 1 when Lowen finished in 36th place with three bass totaling 11-10.

"I've got about a mile stretch of docks that have big ones on them," Lowen said after Day 1. "The water was sloshing on them. It looked like a wave pool. You've got white caps rolling in. You can't get the jig under them. And I don't know if they're there when that's going on because they're shallow, and it's like a washing machine."

The wash cycle has stopped today, and Lowen is catching what he found in practice. Lowen has a 12-6 limit, which has moved him up to 11th place on BASSTrakk. And the higher the sun gets, with no wind blowing into the docks, the better the bite will be.

Video: Following Davis early

Pete Robbins and Steve Bowman report from the field early Day 2.

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Frazier limits

Micah Frazier rounded out his limit a few minutes ago. He still hasn’t gotten the big bite, but now he can put his head down knowing he has almost 8 pounds to build off of.

A photo gallery of his morning is coming up soon, so be watching the photo page.

We are now off to find Stetson Blaylock. More on his day to come.

Video: Frazier's dream come true to fish for a living

Micah Frazier's dream come true to fish for a living