Docks paying off for Lowen today

Bill Lowen was frustrated after Day 1 when the wind made the docks he was targeting practically unfishable. But, based on the weather forecast, he knew he'd have a chance to get back in the game today. As you can see the photo above, Lowen has stayed with his dock pattern. And it has produced a key 4-pounder that's allowed him to cull up to 15-13 for the day. He's unofficially in 16th place, well within the top 25 cut to fish on Sunday.

Card rallying late with a 6-8

Brandon Card seemed surprised with his 13th-place, 17-11 bag on Day 1. Card found a spot on the first day of practice last Friday, caught a couple of good ones and left. He didn't find anything better in the other three days of practice, so he started there yesterday. And he lit 'em up on a jerkbait immediately.

The spot is producing for him again today, but in an opposite way. After a tough morning, Card is coming on strong. He caught a 6-8 at 2:06, which unofficially ties him with Jeff Gustafson for big fish of the day, and he's culled again with a 2 1/2-pounder. Card has 18-8 today on BASSTrakk and is in fourth place at 2:30.

Lester with 18 pounds

After leaving Blaylock, we came across Brandon Lester fishing an area where we saw John Crews, Luke Palmer and others yesterday.

He doesn't know it, but he is unofficially in second.

Then he jetted across the lake to a totally distinct area where I have yet to see anyone fishing, a true prespawn spot that could give up the giant that he needs.

Blaylock on the move

Blaylock has moved three times in five minutes, making surgical strikes on selected targets, with no results.

"It's crunch time," he told us.

He doesn't know how the rest of the field is doing but surely he suspects that he needs a kicker or two to stay in the hunt in any meaningful way.
"It has been kinda like putting socks on a chicken today," he just told us.

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Blaylock found

After a long drive south, we have relaunched the boat and the first competitor we've come upon is Stetson Blaylock, near where Andy Crawford and I saw him close out Day 1.

Auten on the move

After spending his morning - and filling his limit - in an area protected from the wind, Todd Auten made a long run to a wind-blown main-river area.

He spent about 15 minutes there, and then ran to the other side of the river.

He hasn’t gotten a bite, but my boater (Kenny Malone) said big bass live in the stretches on which Auten is concentrating.

Blaylock climbing the leaderboard

Stetson Blaylock ended a bit of a lull with a 3-pound, 12-ounce bass at 12:20, and it vaulted him right into the mix near the top of the leaderboard. BASSTrakk shows him in fourth place at 12:30 with 14-7 today.

This is Blaylock's first Bassmaster Classic, and he's enjoying every minute of it. Blaylock has worked the Classic expo many times, but he never came to a weigh-in as a spectator. He said yesterday, after going through his first Classic weigh-in, that he was grateful he chose to do it this way.

Pulling up stakes

With Clent Davis struggling, we have put the boat on the trailer to head back closer to the launch. We will meet up with James Overstreet, give him Bowman's photo gallery, and ride out the day on a different horse.

Wishing Clent the best. After a fast start, he has been grinding fruitlessly for several hours.

Combs building a Classic day

Keith Combs still has a 2-pound, 2-ounce bass in his livewell, but his other four are an estimated 4-0, 5-0, 5-8 and 6-0 pounds. Two of those came in the last hour, giving Combs an estimated 22-10. "Estimated" is probably a key word. I don't know that Combs' BASSTrakk weights are light, but I'd bet on it. And he's still got a two-pounder to cull.

Tough up here

As Davis ran back to one of his earlier spots, he passed Scott Canterbury, who signaled that he is stuck on zero.

The only other boat we have seen in this creek is Hunter Shryock, who left a while ago.

For some reason, this section of the lake does not seem to be firing today. Not yet at least.